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  1. jhm

    Skinny bumpers with override bars

    Interpret it any way you want.... Yes, there's a little surface rust on the the two end-pieces of the rear bumper; but overall, there is little to no rust on the outside chromed surface of the bumpers. This is exactly why I posted so many pictures at different angles, and offered to provide additional pictures upon request. That gives prospective buyers the best opportunity to make their own informed decisions. But thanks for that super helpful comment.
  2. jhm

    1973 260Z Driveshaft

    Holiday bump -- $25 plus shipping.
  3. I have front and rear skinny bumpers for sale. Got these in trade, and I *think* they are from a 1973 early-model 260Z. There is a fair bit of surface rust on the inside of both, but little to none on the outside surface. The chrome was painted by a PO in some kind of flat black, which seems to have actually protected the original chrome quite well. The rear bumper has some ripples and dents in the center section, as shown in the pictures. The metal on the front bumper is actually quite straight, except for one spot on the underside where the outer license plate bracket is attached. The two rubber blocks on each bumper are intact and included, as shown in the pictures. If someone wanted individual parts vs an entire bumper (e.g. wanted just an override bar), I can disassemble and sell those parts separately; and would negotiate those prices on case by case basis. I am also happy to take whatever specific pictures anyone would like if the attached pictures are insufficient. What you see in the pictures is what you get. $100 for each bumper, or $180 for both. Prices do not include shipping or PayPal fees, which the buyer is responsible for. Thanks for looking.
  4. I love my tools and parts from FedHill....GLWS.
  5. jhm

    S30 Suspension and Drivetrain pieces

    Differential mount is sold. Still have the transmission mount. New price, $30 shipped anywhere in the U.S.
  6. jhm

    S30 Suspension and Drivetrain pieces

    Yes, I do. Just PM'ed you.
  7. jhm

    240/260 JDM headlight covers

    If you are on any of the FB forums for Datsun or S30, Hung Vu has started to offer these in new reproduction. They look pretty nice, from what I've seen. Good luck with your search.
  8. jhm

    Relays and Electronics for sale!

    BUMP, and price drop. $40 for everything, shipped anywhere in the U.S.
  9. Both units are sold. Thread can be deleted, if so desired.
  10. Original components pulled from a non-running 1973 260Z. Metal bodies and threads in decent condition. Don't know the working condition of these -- vehicle was in storage 15+ years. At a minimum, these would need to be flushed before using. $12 each shipped anywhere in the U.S.; or $20 for both units shipped. Thanks for looking.
  11. Very nice original rubber steering coupler, from a 1974 260Z. Rubber in very good shape and still pliable. Coupler only, as pictured -- mounting hardware not included. $30 shipped anywhere in the U.S. Thx for looking.
  12. jhm

    WTB Wheel Spacers for 280z 35mm to 45mm

    PM'ed you.
  13. jhm

    [SOLD] Orange Airbox

    Sold. Thread can be deleted, if so desired.
  14. jhm

    [SOLD] OEM Heater Blower Assembly

    SOLD. Thread can be deleted, if so desired.
  15. jhm

    [SOLD] Orange Airbox

    BUMP. New price: $25 plus shipping.

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