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    Recently purchased a 1973 240z CA/AZ car that's be hibernating for 25 years. I am working on waking it up.

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  1. View Advert 240Z Radio Mount Plate Looking for radio mount plate (see Pictures). Advertiser Craig24 Date 06/11/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1973 Model 240z  
  2. Time Left: 23 days and 1 hour

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    Looking for radio mount plate (see Pictures).


  3. So what size would fit ROTA RB? 60mm, 63mm or 73mm ? Do they clear the wheel center cap?
  4. I am in the process of cobbling parts together to mount a AM/FM Hitachi KM-1520 in my 73. You need a bracket that mounts to radio on each side and then mounting brackets to install in car see attached pictures.
  5. Hey Everyone, Let me introduce myself. My name is Craig , I live In Austin, TX. I have restored cars over the years but this is my first Z. I have been a member since last October 2018. I recently purchased a 1973 240z CA/AZ (one owner car) that's been hibernating for 25 years in a AZ. garage. I am working on waking it up. She is at a shop in Austin waiting to be worked on now. The previous owner started the car and it made a ticking noise, so they turned it off right away. I plan to keep it near stock and restore over time. It is presently Blue, I plan on taking it back to its original color Red 110. Right now I just want to get the car road worthy - I am going crazy waiting to drive it. I have been reading here a lot and educating myself and will continue to - so thanks for the help now and in the future.
  6. Are 1973 240z Heater Bezels and 1974 260Z Heater Bezels the same? I know the are both backlit.
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    WTB: 1973 240z Radio (Hitachi KM-1520ZC). Looking for a NON-WORKING radio in Excellent to VG condition.


  8. I appreciate it! I am still shopping for my first 240z. I was high bidder on BAT early part on February but it didn't make the reserve. I was high bidder on eBay but it didn't reach the reserve. The engine tag I asked about was on a car I am looking at. Still looking let me know if you hear of any.
  9. This tag is in a 1972 240z engine compartment, regular tag has been removed. This 1972 has an early 1973 engine (1-73 or 2-73). "Big Eddie" replaced engine 8-14-78. Is this work done by a dealer under warranty ( I don't think so)? Was there a law at one time that required this tag being installed if engine was replaced?
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