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    Recently purchased a 1973 240z CA/AZ car that's be hibernating for 25 years. I am working on waking it up.

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  1. Also looking for tire size recommendations.
  2. I know a lot has been discussed about tires. I can't find any current discussions (since 14" started to disappear). I am getting my car running after 25 years (see: "1973 240z Awakening"). I don't want to upgrade wheels and tires now with all the future expenses coming. So from what I can find on this site my Choices are 195/70R14 (Stock), 205/60R14, 215/60R14, and 225/60R14. Can you go with 15" on this rim, if so what? -Thanks -
  3. This weekend: Installed MSA exhaust system, 3 Core Radiator, new radiator hoses and new hoses all around, Slave Cylinder, Water Outlet housing, Rebuilt both carbs, still more to do next week.
  4. Thanks, its a very solid car and the undercarriage is very clean. I plan to eventually go back to the original Red (110) the current engine bay color. It came with the rountops. The plan is to get the car running and then I will decide what to do.(probably keep the round tops).
  5. I purchased this 1973 240z CA/AZ (one owner car) that's been hibernating for 25 years in a AZ. garage. I am working on waking it up. (See NEW MEMBER - NEW CAR Topic). Work started - Pulled the head, there was a bent push rod and a bad lifter. Sent head off for a rebuild (forgot to take a picture before installing). The timing chain was installed incorrectly in the past (180 degrees off) this would make the car run poorly (as you can imagine). Maybe that's why the PO parked the car in a garage for the last 25 years. The exhaust manifold was cracked all the way through, it couldn't be repaired so I ordered a coated header. Exhaust system from MSA TBC Coated 6-1 Header and MSA Premium Exhaust System. New parts installed - new timing chain, water pump, fuel pump, MSA 60 Amp alternator, and motor mounts. Exhaust came in last week, finishing up the engine and then starting up the engine / car for the first time in 25 years.
  6. I am new and learning how to decipher the postings. When someone says SU, most of the time they mean SU-H (roundtops) Not SU-HIF (flattops) with Integrated Float, also the flattops have a "Anti-stall fuel rich mechanism" that keeps this from being a problem.
  7. I have a stock 73 and I want to upgrade Alternator and still remain stock looking. I am planning on using 75 -77 280z Remanufactured Hitachi 60 amp regulator (Remy 14118) and get a 1977 solid state external regulator. Are there any modifications, like change support brackets or wiring?
  8. View Advert 240Z Radio Mount Plate Looking for radio mount plate (see Pictures). Advertiser Craig24 Date 06/11/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1973 Model 240z  

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    Looking for radio mount plate (see Pictures).


  10. So what size would fit ROTA RB? 60mm, 63mm or 73mm ? Do they clear the wheel center cap?
  11. I am in the process of cobbling parts together to mount a AM/FM Hitachi KM-1520 in my 73. You need a bracket that mounts to radio on each side and then mounting brackets to install in car see attached pictures.
  12. Hey Everyone, Let me introduce myself. My name is Craig , I live In Austin, TX. I have restored cars over the years but this is my first Z. I have been a member since last October 2018. I recently purchased a 1973 240z CA/AZ (one owner car) that's been hibernating for 25 years in a AZ. garage. I am working on waking it up. She is at a shop in Austin waiting to be worked on now. The previous owner started the car and it made a ticking noise, so they turned it off right away. I plan to keep it near stock and restore over time. It is presently Blue, I plan on taking it back to its original color Red 110. Right now I just want to get the car road worthy - I am going crazy waiting to drive it. I have been reading here a lot and educating myself and will continue to - so thanks for the help now and in the future.
  13. Are 1973 240z Heater Bezels and 1974 260Z Heater Bezels the same? I know the are both backlit.