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Non vented BRE style spoiler

   (0 reviews)

Non vented BRE style spoiler

   (0 reviews)


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  • Type of Advert FOR SALE
  • Item Condition USED
  • Time Left 12 hours and 4 minutes -
  • Quantity 1
  • Price $50
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Pulled this off a project car.  Has been repaired, but said repair does look like it was done well.  

Will trade for some ratty, rusty [with busted plastic ends] but complete, SU throttle linkage, complete from firewall to carbs.

Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Recommended Questions

What ever happened to your blue race car?

Its been years since I saw it.

I do have some photos somewhere of you on track with the car.

Steve Gunderson



Hey Steve!  Long time no talk, I hope all is well..  I parked it after the 09 season and sold the tub 5 years later to a fellow club member.  He put his stuff in it, raced it for a year, and sold it on BaT: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-datsun-240z-race-car  If you're wondering why the sale, life circumstances at the time were not great and I also grew disenchanted with the vintage scene in general.   

That said, I'm finally getting back into the groove of things and thought it would be fun to return to my roots of sorts and build a street/track time car, which is what this came off.  The thing's a basket case but I'm up for the challenge.

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