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Door lock cylinder with "3011" code

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Door lock cylinder with "3011" code

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I am trying to assemble a lock set that uses the "3011" code.  Please let me know if you have a spare "3011" cylinder available.



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Hi Keith,

To chance to get a 3011 lock is slim, you can use any good lock of a datsun like your lock.. you take it apart carefully with the chrome edge.. then you put the key you want to fit in it and look at those.. i believe 4 "plates that äre in it.. they have to be it the "flat possition but probably are not.. now you exchange these plates in a way that it is almost flat.. take your time and experiment with the plates in a different combination.. when you found a almost flat combi, take a grinder and make it flat (the key is IN when you do this!)  when the cylinder is flat, take out the key and assemble the lock again! Now you have a lock that works with your key!

Hope i explained this well, if not, just ask! 😉   anyway when you look at the cylinder when you exchance the plates from theire position always put the key in first.. and take it out for a different combination of the plates.

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