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Found 6 results

  1. I have recently taken ownership of a 1978 280z, original motor and everything. But, I am having a power issue with the fuel pump wiring. At the relay, I am getting 12V into the relay (the green/blue wire), but only about 3.4 volts out through the other green blue wire. My question is, is this a simple grounding issue, if so, where it the ground for the fuel pump exactly? I have looked at the wiring diagram still my eyes crossed and I have determined that the fuel pump is grounded inside of the ICM with a few other electrical items. So would my best option be to just cut the grounding off before it splits and just screw it onto the chassis for a ground? Would love your guy's help with this. Also, I jumped the fuel pump just to determine if it would work with 12V and it does so at least that works.
  2. So, first post. Tried searching and couldnt find anything, even tried the all magical, Google, and still came up pretty empty handed. Ive been having an issue recently with my Z dieing while driving under normal conditions. However, I can put it in neutral, and about a 30-40 seconds worth of turning the key gets it fire back up. I have started with the easy and cheap stuff first. I replaced both the positive and negative battery cables and cleaned and checked the ground wire. Then I replaced the in line fuel filter that is before the electronic fuel pump, which was very needed. It was running the best it ever was, I let it sit in my driveway and run for half an hour to make sure all was good. Went out for a drive and about 10 mins in, it died again. My next guess is the fuel pump relay, maybe that is causing my issue? I checked the two relays under the passenger glove box and the bigger one looks to be in bad shape. I am no expert but this looks pretty burnt??Also, I noticed that the previous owner was messing with these because the black w. white stripe wires were spliced together??
  3. Year/Model: 1978 280z I recently changed the original fuel pump to a compatible Airtex model. Before the work was done i had power to the fuel pump. After the install i went to start the car and I'm getting no power to the pump. I've chased wire from the pump, up behind the passenger seat, all the way to the fusible link and the battery. I'm thinking the issue MIGHT be the fuel pump relay. Is there any way that it could have been damaged in the process of changing the fuel pump? The first thing i did was disconnect the fuel pump relay and crank the engine to eliminate fuel in the lines. I then disconnected the negative terminal of the battery before any work was performed. I know it isn't the wiring of the pump itself. i multimetered the connection behind the passenger seat and no power there. I've looked at the wiring diagram until my eyes crossed. The fuel pump harness that plugs into the fuel pump relay has 4 wires: 2 green, 1 black, 1 white with black stripe. When the harness is plugged into the relay, i have power to one green wire, but not the other green wire which I think should be the hot output wire from the relay (both green wires should be hot when key is in "on" position) Can i be certain that the relay is bad because i'm not getting power to both green wires. Also...the key is in the "on" position while im doing my readings. (on a 1978 triggers the pump on) Before i go and buy an expensive fuel pump relay ($70-$100) i wanted to bounce the situation off all of you knowledgeable Zheads. Thanks in advance for responses its much appreciated!
  4. Hi y'all, Sorry if this is a repeat, but I haven't been able to find an issue quite like this in the forums. I've got a '76 280z that I purchased with a 5 speed from a later car already installed. The reverse lights stopped working a few weeks ago, so I checked all the connections, replaced the switch, swapped bulbs, and I still get nothing. The strange thing is that when the car is running and I shift into reverse, or press the switch manually without it being installed, the red "charge" light in the voltmeter comes on. There is some voltage coming through at the sockets, but not a full 12 volts. All other lights and switches function perfectly, I've checked the FSM to insure that the wires I'm plugging into the switch are the right ones, and I know they're the same ones that came off the old switch because I removed the old one and installed the new one myself. Has anybody out there experienced anything like this? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I have a mid '73 240Z with an electric fuel pump in it, and it's not running. The pump is tested known good out of the car, there's just no power to it from the harness. The passenger footwell relay panel does not have any of the add-on relays for the electric pump nor are there any relays on the firewall by the heater fan like another diagram showed. I found the green wire that runs to the fuel pump on the large blue connector that connects the dash harness to the body harness, and the pump will run if I jump power to it off the battery directly, so the body harness and ground are fine. Wiring diagrams tell me that the green wire splices into the black/white ignition wire somewhere between the key switch and the fusebox, but I can't find anything there, and I'm not about to rip the dash out and start un-taping harnesses to trace wires to find the splice from the green wire to the black/white wire. I can post pictures if it helps.
  6. Hey all, So I'm a bit new to working on cars, done a little work here and there but am still pretty much an amateur when it comes to this stuff, so any help would be greatly appreciated! I have a 1978 280z, did a tranny swap and made it a manual a few months back, but lately I've had a few problems with the ignition. It usually does one of the following: 1. Start right up. 2. Start up and slowly whines and dies. 3. Turn the key and it clicks (under the dash, I believe it's the relay) and then there's a second click somewhere from the engine and it either starts or it doesnt. 4. Turn the key and the relay just clicks. As of a today, it's only clicking (#4.) A friend suggested redoing the wiring (?) but I was curious to see if anyone else had this or has had a similar problem to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you!