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  1. According to the receipt it is a Cardone 53-5104. It doesn’t look remanufactured, but rather a newly made piece. I also noticed that the Rockauto piece is not listed as Cardone. I would be interesting in knowing if anyone who has installed a Cardone booster in their car has experienced this problem, and if they have looked inside it to find that the activating rod is built like mine is, in my earlier pictures. I can’t drive the car (too much snow!) but based on the little I can move it in the garage it feels the same. As soon as I can drive it out onto the driveway I am going to mess a little with adjustments. Maybe I’ll see a change that gives me some idea. terrapin, I’ll buy your booster, if only to have a fall-back plan in case i can’t find an aftermarket booster that works. DM or email me please.
  2. I am REALLY regretting turning in my original core.
  3. I did not, but the activating rod does not come out through the hole.
  4. Well, I got a new booster, and it behaves exactly the same. 😐 Is it possible this is an adjustment issue? I can see rod lengths causing high or low pedal, but not this all-or-none action.
  5. I took the booster back to autozone. He will get me a new one, probably be here on Monday. I’ll let you know what develops.
  6. The booster is from Autozone. I sorely regret turning in the core. The was a lock washer and seal in the unit. I took them out. since I have it out, and it came with a warranty, I may see about getting a replacement, just because.
  7. I pulled the booster out. Mine doesn't look like the factory pic. I don't see a plunger with a rubber disc on the end. The rod is attached to a large disc and it is captured by the spring, won't pull out. I don't see or hear anything rattling around.
  8. I’m trying to remember, but I seem to recall that when I pulled the rod out of the booster, it was just that - a rod. I didn’t see a steel cup, never mind a rubber disc. Am I missing more than a reaction disc?
  9. So this disc is inside the booster? Is that item 18 in the drawing?
  10. I installed a new brake booster and now I have LOTS of brakes! Anything more than minimal pressure and the brakes are on hard. i was careful to measure the lengths of the brake rods and the master cylinder rod, so the new booster is set up exactly the same. They don’t seem to be hanging up; none of the wheels show excessive heat after a short drive. The brakes worked ok before the booster swap; the old booster just had an air leak. any suggestions?
  11. Sure, as soon as it stops snowing! 😁
  12. I just completed my conversion on a 73Z to sealed beam LED headlights. I recommend the video at the bottom before buying $49 bugeye lights. I went with Trucklite 27270C units, and I found a harness from LED online that provided my negative switching needs. I’m very happy with the results. next up, sexy headlight covers!
  13. I sorted this out! Wanted to close out the thread. My problem was addressed by a combination of fixes: I repaired the broken console (was broken in three places and sitting too low), reinstalled the PO’s aftermarket radio (was pushing down on the harness), rerouted wiring around the fuse box, cleaned up sloppy wiring, and general returning-things-to-their-proper-places. thanks to all here for their thoughtful responses. Hope I can do the same soon. regards, bob t
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