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  1. Madkaw, I started on my seat project. I have 350z power seats. I’m worried about welding the frame to the seat tracks. There are plastic parts inside the tracks and that’s a lot of heat. Advice?
  2. I just picked up a set of 350z seats. Any hints you could share on how you mounted yours would be helpful.
  3. I saw your comment that you put 350Z seats in your car. I picked up a pair for my 73, and I’m hoping for some words of wisdom on how you got yours mounted.

    1. grannyknot


      You'll be very pleased, very comfortable.  As I remember I had to cut off the locating pins on the bottom of the 350z seats then welded on 2 steel straps that aligned with the stock seat sliders and drilled holes to match and bolted them together.  Make sure when you mark the straps for drilling that the seat can slide back as far as possible, whish I could be of more help but it was 6 yrs ago and I don't have access to the car right now to check.

      There are some pics starting at #256 on this thread, https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/50240-thinking-about-installing-an-bmw-m6-engine-in-my-z/?&page=11#comments

      Not much in the way of detail I'm afraid.


  4. Using the bronze ones from Zstore.
  5. I’m getting ready to install these. I wonder if some loctite would address any looseness in the fit of these bushings.
  6. Paint was no charge. They would plate if you needed at extra cost. Nice people, too
  7. Well, I can FINALLY update on this topic! I had the Datsun booster (thanks, terrapin) rebuilt by boostersteve in Oregon. Problem solved! Brakes are now behaving properly. My takeaways from this are: . Cardone boosters are not a compatible swap into a 240Z (at least for 1973). don’t know why. . Datsun boosters, even the crusty ones, can be saved. cheers!
  8. That’s a nice product. Haven’t pulled the tranny yet so I don’t know.
  9. Just looked at motor sports website. Looks like 240z clutch parts are out of stock. I’ll ring them up tomorrow.
  10. Thanks, diseazd. Pardon my Z rookie-ness. I’ll order the 240 kit.
  11. Hmm. Interesting. I found this pic at Zcar depot. They look pretty different.
  12. I picked up a wide ratio 5speed from a 78Z. I’m going to put in my 73 240Z. Do I need a clutch kit for 70-74 Z or the later 75-80 model? TIA.
  13. According to the receipt it is a Cardone 53-5104. It doesn’t look remanufactured, but rather a newly made piece. I also noticed that the Rockauto piece is not listed as Cardone. I would be interesting in knowing if anyone who has installed a Cardone booster in their car has experienced this problem, and if they have looked inside it to find that the activating rod is built like mine is, in my earlier pictures. I can’t drive the car (too much snow!) but based on the little I can move it in the garage it feels the same. As soon as I can drive it out onto the driveway I am going to mess
  14. I am REALLY regretting turning in my original core.
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