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  1. I know this is a long shot, but I am looking for recommendations for a shop to rewire my 260z datsun. The guy who previously owned it did some wire splicing and other shady stuff. I figured that it's better to just get the whole thing rewired with a better fuse block and just get rid of all the gremlins I've been facing. no turn signals dead gauges and some other tings. I was wondering if anyone in the Pittsburgh PA area knows of any god shops besides what good old google recommends. Any help would greatly be appreciated. I just do not have the time ore space to do it my self. Thank you in ad
  2. Alrighty, Ive got a stock 1978 280z and I'm currently installing an MSD 6A and Blaster 2 coil into the car. After reading any and all forum posts on the topic I came to the conclusion that I would need an MSD Tach Adapter 8920 in order for the MSD box to Communicate to the EFI by upping it to 12v. All my wires are in place and I'm getting a good strong spark. I put a voltmeter on the purple wire coming out of the MSD tach adapter and I'm getting 12v. Only problem is that I'm getting no fuel. It must not be communicating with the EFI somehow. Here's my Setup. MSD 6A: Heavy Red
  3. I have decided to rewire my aging wiring loom and upgrade it to execute all the little upgrades I have in mind. I am by no means an electrical master, but I know the importance even our 70's cars need. My plans for my '74 260z is to wire tuck, hide the wires in the engine bay to be nearly nonextant, and to also include motor sport techniques to make quality upgrades. All wires will be replaced by Tefzel wire and Raychem heat shrink. the point is to make a bulletproof wire loom and to have fun working on this project and making it special. Now for everyone's benefit i will be updating this with
  4. Version N


    The 77 280z wiring diagram in color. PDF Support Topic in our forums:
  5. 176 downloads

    A high resolution wiring diagram for the 280z.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a color copy of the 1973 Service manual wiring diagram, Section BE Electrical. (For Manual transmissions)
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is a color copy of the 1972 Service manual wiring diagram, Section BE Body Electrical
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is a color copy of the wiring diagram in the 1971 supplement Late model. No "Passing Relay" circuit
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This is a color copy of the early 1971 wiring diagram. Includes "Passing Relay" circuit.
  10. Hi everyone, I own a Hybrid 260Z (with a 280ZX turbo powertrain) with some issues that I'm trying to clear up. I believe the electrical harnesses are a mix of 260Z, 280Z and maybe 280zx so I can't look in a service manual to figure things out (I do have all 3 manuals though). I need to understand what's going on, and I need some help with this. There are a few issues I want to resolve, so I'm taking a baby steps approach, a little at a time to avoid being discouraged by the whole thing. First step, replacing the fuse links with some Maxi fuses. I'm not sure the wires that we
  11. I am new to the forum and new to Zs. Please be gentle. My 1975 Z very likely has a rusty fuel tank and filter. Tried dropping the tank yesterday (with a broken right arm, in a cast, in the cold) so I could send it out for restoration. My nephew and I were unsuccessful in disconnecting the wires from the tank/sending unit. Is there a trick to disconnecting the female plastic part (to the sending unit) from the male rubber part (to the power supply)? Does it pull apart with force or does it require an intermediate step?
  12. well, after weeks of working on it, i'm finally done. and you can reap the benefits of all my work! below i've made available my new, full-color version of the 1976 280z wiring diagram. it is vector-based, so it can be blown up as big as you'd like without losing legibility. the text is copyable and searchable. i will warn you, i'm 110% sure that there are errors. you get a gold star if you point them out to me. a wire or object in hot pink denotes that i'm not sure of the true color of the item. i'll post updated versions on this thread as needed, so look at the most recent reply for the newe
  13. Hey guys, back again. 71 240z is running great, but I cant get the tach to work. I have a .3 ohm Pertronix coil and Pertronix Ignitor. I have tried the stock wiring, and various other wiring, but to no avail. I did notice that there is a GW wire, a larger BW wire, and the another smaller BW wire wich is conjoined with a B wire via a coupler. Right now I have the GW on the front side of the ballast along with the conjoined smaller BW and B wires, and the larger BW wire on the rear side of the ballast along with the R wire from the Ignitor. The B wire from the Ignitor is on the - post of th
  14. I have a 1972 240z, and the guy I bought it from got a viper security system and a beefy sound system wired in (very poorly might I add). I need to rewire a lot of the engine bay and the wiring diagrams available are not helping, a lot of wires are spliced and replaced that don't match up or are just taped off and lead nowhere. If anybody has a diagram of all the 10 pin connectors that are located underneath the passenger side of the dashboard it would help a lot, or if anybody has any self made diagrams that are at all related to engine bay wiring please post them, anything might help me out.
  15. I have a short or something going on that when I pres the brake pedal the sidemarker lights and the dash lights come on in addition to the rear brake lights. Also when I have my headlights on the turn signal for the left signal lights up ...Anybody have an issue like this and how did you fix it. Thanks
  16. Hey everyone, I decided that popping the hood all the time to disconnect the battery was getting a bit old and I wanted to install a battery disconnect switch (one with the red removable key) and actually had one from a while ago. My question here is on how big the wire gauge needs to be (and still be safe), and how I should go about making or where I can but the wiring components necessary. I have a spot for it on the dash and thought I'd ask for some tips especially from the guys that have done this kind of thing before. Chris
  17. hi all, i replaced the stock 280zx distributor by ( Mallory ) p/n 4563901. after connecting wires the car wont start. i noticed there is a spark going to the plugs but no signal going to the injectors!!! any help , drwaing, appreciated. note, mallory wires ( red - green- brown) , the brown wire lookl ike the ground. do i need to put adapter in between the mallory and the coil?? i heared the GM adapter is ok !! is this true please help payusup@hotmail.com thx
  18. ok, so I need some help here. I am working on restoring a '75 trans am, and recently took out the dash and all of the wiring from their corresponding resting places. In a lapse of judgement, I did not take any pictures, or label any of the plugs as to where they were to be returned. (incredibly stupid, I'm well aware) I've been in there for a day already trying to get everything plugged back in, but i'm still not sure where most of them are supposed to be plugged in, and all of the wiring diagrams I can locate might as well be in french. Does anybody have pictures or anything of where everythi
  19. i've colorized another wiring diagram and am now making it available for download. this one was much less of a headache than the '76 diagram, being about 1/3 the size and complexity. download the U.S. 1972 240z here! special thanks to EScanlon for helping me iron out a few problems with it. stay tuned for more diagrams in the future. PS: though there isn't a lot of text on it to search, it IS searchable in a pdf viewer.
  20. 151 downloads

    This is a scan from the 1974 wiring diagram manual.
  21. I have cleaned the corrosion off of the wires leading into my fusible links on several occasions and they still turn green with corrosion no matter what I do to them. Would upgrading to maxi fuses help this problem or do I need to replace part of if not all of the wiring harness? Car wants to turn over but will not start, replaced the fuel pump and checked the fuel pump relay. Always had a problem with my fusible links, but I let my car sit for over a year so now I can't exactly figure out whats wrong with it and I have nothing else to drive. Please help....
  22. Hey guys, New to the forum, new to the 74' 260z 2x2 as well. Long post, i do apologize but i figure i should provied a full picture to the best of my knowledge. Any and all advice is greatly appericated in advance, Thank You. My roommate basically has had this car since high school, and in the past 10 years it got neglected. I started working on it cause i was bored. Anyway not a car guy so lots of reading trying to make sense of things and ask other car people questions and advice. Car is now running, almost never need the choke cable engaged to get it started even in cold weather. It has oth
  23. ok, so I need some help here. I am working on restoring a '75 trans am, and recently took out the dash and all of the wiring from their corresponding resting places. In a lapse of judgement, I did not take any pictures, or label any of the plugs as to where they were to be returned. (incredibly stupid, I'm well aware) I've been in there for a day already trying to get everything plugged back in, but i'm still not sure where most of them are supposed to be pluggged in, and all of the wiring diagrams I can locate might as well be in french. Does anybody have pictures or anything of where everyth
  24. Hi, so I just finished rebuilding the engine on my 1973 240z and it turns over, but no start. Its getting air and fuel so it seems logical the only reason its not starting is the spark. My car has an MSD blaster 2 coil and an e12-80 module. We used the multimeter and determined that both the positive and negative side on the coil are getting around 12v, is this right?? Same thing goes for the b and c on the module. I am assuming the negative is supposed to be grounded, so am I missing a connection on the wiring harness? Or is the module messed up? Thanks for the help! I have it hooked up like
  25. I have a mid '73 240Z with an electric fuel pump in it, and it's not running. The pump is tested known good out of the car, there's just no power to it from the harness. The passenger footwell relay panel does not have any of the add-on relays for the electric pump nor are there any relays on the firewall by the heater fan like another diagram showed. I found the green wire that runs to the fuel pump on the large blue connector that connects the dash harness to the body harness, and the pump will run if I jump power to it off the battery directly, so the body harness and ground are fine. W
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