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  1. hi there i had some time this week and i checked out my car and the short version is, that i still do not know how to proceed. the first issue is that the amplifier will not fit under the seat. that's because i was stupid and only considered the width between the seat rails, but totally forgot about that structural piece of metal (i think it's called seat support) that limits the space big time. Therefore i will have to think of a different place to put the amp. it's not very big (7"W x 1.75"H x 14"D) - does anyone have a good idea where to put it? I think behind the seat would be a good idea, currently there are plastic tool box things there (i have a series one), i may remove one and put the amp there. i don't know how to tighten it down there as of yet though. what gives me more of a headache and i would appreciate help is how to do all the cable stuff. i am not very z savvy and have no idea how to proceed. i have some questions: - after i connected the power cable to the battery in the hood, how do i get it into the inside of the car? what hole do i use? - where will the power cable then enter into the inside of the car? by the glove compartment on the passenger side? or somewhere on the driver side? - from there, where exactly do i go with the cable to get it to the amp behind the seat in a stealth way? through the middle console? - from the amp behind the seat, how can i get cables to the speaker panel in the back in a stealth way? - from the amp behind the seat, how can i get cables to the kicker panels? - how can i ensure the amp turns off when i turn off the car? what do i have to solder exactly? and where? i have no knowledge about electronics. i would appreciate it very much if someone could help me. i am a total dummie and i know this is a lot of info that i am asking for but i am sure it would also help others who try the same thing. thank you very much simzger
  2. Hi there My stock series one 240z (01/1971) came with this air conditioning setup (see picture). Can anyone identify it? Because i would like to restore it to entirely stock. Unfortunately this right here is the best picture i have: thanks in advance! simzger
  3. hi all thanks a lot for your answers. i will have some time the next couple of days and look into the options. best simzger
  4. hi cozye as for the headphone source, i think that should be fine. otherwise i could use this: which uses the ipod dock connector and converts to cinch, this should bypass a potential quality problem. as for the controls, i was thinking of this: so i can control the ipod from my steering wheel. sound controls like bass and such are not that necessary for me, i will just set it once, and if it needs further adjustment i could do it in the ipod with its equalizer. i think this solution is good as many of my friends want to plug in either their ipods or whatever device.
  5. hi cozye thanks for the reply. however it is still not very clear for me. so i will attach the cable to the car battery. but how will i get the power cable from the engine bay into the cabin? and where will the cable enter the cabin? and from there, where exactly do i hide the cable? is there a way without ripping out any vinyl that is glued to the car? maybe by just hiding it under carpets? or putting it beneath the middle console? best simzger
  6. hi there i own a series one 240z, all stock, and want to add an amplifier and speakers and have some questions i'd be very glad if someone could help. maybe it is important to say that i want to play music from my ipod, which connects directly to the amp, so there is no need to alter the stock stereo and the stock speaker on the left rear, it will just be left stock, and stay there. this is my plan: 1) my amplifier goes either under the driver or the passenger seat. this is the amp i have. its height is 1.75 inches: 2) from that amplifier, there will be an aux cable where i can connect my iphone / ipod to the amp. 3) i got this panel from MSA for the back: 4) i got these kick panels from derek for the front, i also do have fitting 5-1/4" speakers for the kick panels and 6x9" for the back panel, both made by JBL. i also do have an amp wire kit, something like this: the alternator on my z was upgraded a 60 watt one. i have never done this. i think i will be able to put the amp under the seat, and install the speakers. but as for the rest (wiring) i have no clue. as the z is all stock right now, it's of utmost importance to me that nothing is irreversibly altered when doing this. also, it's important to me that the cables are hidden. i think hiding the cables to the back is not that much of a problem due to the carpet, but what about the speaker cables to the kick panel speakers? or the power supply from the engine compartment to the amp under the seat? i am not even sure if the height (1.75") of the amp is not too much for placing it underneath the seat. can anyone tell me how to proceed to get this to work, and make sure that the cables are hidden as good as possible? are there existing channels to put cables through? how will the power come to the amplifier? i am a little lost and will be thankful for any help. btw i am not very Z savvy. thank you very much simzger