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  1. I sold the car for 8,500 at a fair price I do not believe it is a 16,000 car. Only way to buy a car is to check a car out in person
  2. Keep it take the best care you can of it and keep in garaged and give you father in law a kiss on the cheek !!!!!!
  3. Gus I have full faith in you in time you going to have one beautiful Z !!! Keep up the good work and keep us posted !!!! Try to see you at the next Sonic's meeting !!!!! Grandaughter keeps us busy baby sittting !!!!!
  4. Great pictures Gus !!!! Will try to make it to Savannah !!!!!
  5. Congradulations Ron !!! Really enjoyed the video !!!!!! Makes me love the 240Z even more !!!!!!! Definitely will get Septembers issue of Road and Track !!!!!
  6. Merry Christmas to all and a Healthy and Happy New Year !!!!!!!
  7. I had a 1986 Nissan 4x4 up to two years ago !!!!! Engine went !!!! Hated to let her go !!! Had 140,000 miles!!!!
  8. He has three other z's for sale !!!!! And some other interesting cars !!!! I am a distance away other wise I would check the black pearl out and the 280z and 10th anniversary 280zx out !!!! Always liked the Black Pearl edition !!!!!
  9. Really nice !!!! I guess I should be getting mine soon !!!!!!
  10. Just ordered mine, could not resist definitely will not tell my wife !!!!! Mine will be autographed !!!!!
  11. Great picture Ron and you have not changed a bit !!!!! :classic: California to Florida that Z has been well traveled !!!!!
  12. Welcome back you have been missed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Good things happen to good people !!!!! Thanks again for the calendar and good luck with your new Z !!!!!
  14. Had the pleasure of seeing #00016 when it was on display at Z FEST in Daytona Beach Florida and had a nice chat with Jim Fredrick on the bus ride to the Daytona Track !! Real down to earth guy and filled in on some interesting facts on #00016
  15. Mike would love to get a calender and would gladly pay the cost of shipping and living in Florida the would be a good chance I might run in to Mr. Beck at a future event !!! Had the pleasure of seeing the Bre Baja Z last year at Z Week in Daytona Beach Florida !!!!
  16. Had the privilege of seeing the Bre Baja Z and meeting Carl Beck at Z week in Daytona Beach last year !!! Great car and one hell of a week !!!! Congradulations Carl and family !!!!
  17. Very sorry to hear about Ricks passing. Really nice person meet him at the ZFEST in Orlando. Take my word the car is a beauty !!!!!! He was meticulas in its care !!!!!
  18. Where is the Z Doctor shop located in Florida ???
  19. Beautiful car !!!! Must be hard for ZRush to see it up on ebay !!! Still has the Florida plate on it !!!!
  20. Alex 240Z


    Plenty of rain but no damage in West Palm Beach !!!!! 1971 240z tucked away in the garage while my 2008 truck and 2003 Sebring sit outside my wife hates that !!!!
  21. Great Job Ron !!!! Looks great !!!! Looking foward to seeing you and the car !!!
  22. Kingfish are you getting ready for paint or are you just replacing the emblems ?
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