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  1. Interesting side note since everyone is concerned about the privacy issue. We have never been queried by any agency for our records. Most often cell phones are used for that info and not vehicle tracking systems. There are insurance companies that use and collect that information so I would not get a tracking device from AAA for instance. going back to your scheduled tin foil hat party.... R
  2. Z boy mn, Since our unit has a connectorized wiring harness, unplug it and place it someplace else. Remember, GeoSky has an internal battery, and it works! so disconnecting power will not defeat this device, instead you will get a low external battery notification, and it will continue to track until it has exhausted the internal battery. I should also mention that our unit is fairly nondescript so it is possible to hide it in plain sight. Have a good day! R
  3. No! Not from GeoSky, we do not share information, or geolocate where you are and provide that data to others.
  4. Derek, All of our Data is SSL Encrypted from end to end. It is not public data it is private. We do not maintain speed records nor can they be accessed via the Ap accept in real time, by selecting that feature which gives you a single snapshot at that time. So, yes you have to choose when you want that information. IE your vehicle has gone missing. There is no industry standard for saving this data. We do respect the wishes of our customers specifically. We store historical data for a 2 month window for our customers use only. On occasion, at the specific request of our cus
  5. z boy mn, To clarify your comments above: I use two Geo Sky devices, one on my daily driver the other on my race trailer. GeoSky has tested numerous other products as well, but I am generally not involved with those tests. I have used GeoSky devices for 2+ years and they work exceptionally well, they notify me quickly and accurately. I have driven 50,000 miles on my vehicles with them, though different parts of the pacific southwest. I have traveled to areas that have limited or no cell coverage and still had excellent history reporting. I have my race trailer wired up so t
  6. Derek, Clarification: what i mean by "speedy" data is once your vehicle moves we update its location every 30 seconds, or anytime it turns more than 3 degrees. Vehicle speed info is available on the Ap when the vehicle is moving in "real time". We store all of our data and make it available for two months. However we do not currently have historical speed information available on our Ap. We have received and complied with requests outside that two month window for specific times and instances when requested.
  7. Hi Derek, Yes, two Inputs presently. Although our hardware has additional capability... We provide speedy data once your vehicle is moved, before it exits the geozone. A dash cam with a reasonable amount of storage on a recording loop would work too, activated if the ignition is triggered. If your car is stolen, contacting the authorities and being able to tell them where your vehicle is, what speed it is traveling etc is key and the authorities like to catch these guys in the act! You can also forward your credentials to the authorities to download and log into your Ap so
  8. Derek, Most Z cars are stolen by being broken into. It generally does not take much to break into one. Of course a tow truck is a potential issue. Most thieves work in teams and are not frightened or even bothered by car alarms. Since they are accepted and ignored these days. R
  9. Z boy mn, i am familiar with the pocketfinder product. Ease of installation: ours can be installed as a two wire (power and ground) install just like their solution. Ours probably easier to install as we provide a connectorized wiring harness solution. We have twice the size of battery in our unit compared with what they offer. They make a pretty hefty claim how long their unit will last on battery power. Both solutions will provide a discount on your insurance. GeoSky ALERT does more for less $$$ we outperform the Pocketfinder with more features better monitoring an
  10. A cursory glance at the other product you're looking at vs. GeoSky ALERT: it does not offer as good of tracking as we do, we update every 30 seconds or if your vehicle turns more than 3 degrees, they are every 60 seconds. Their unit has much smaller internal battery and does not have additional trigger inputs like our system has. On the application side, it does not automatically configure Geo zones every time you park which ours does automatically, and does not notify you of a low battery either. AND it is more expensive. Geosky provides historical information, a find me functionali
  11. Captain, we believe that keeping a low profile is essential, so no decals from us. We advise against giving a thief any beneficial info, deterrent or no deterrent... what at we provide is the best opportunity to get your property back if it is stolen. because sometimes chains dogs and starter disables are not enough...
  12. Well there are liability issues with these solutions.....
  13. Captain Obvious- didn't get the impression you were having an issue with our product at all. We have designed our product to fit a specific niche, which it does very effectively. I agree nothing is theft proof, we just want to improve your odds of recovery with minimal or no damage, which is what we do. ps your check is in the mail ;-)
  14. For a 240, 260, 280Z I would suggest our Moto unit installed under the center console. For a ZX I would suggest our auto unit for more installation options.
  15. Discounts from your insurance company can be as much as 33% of your comprehensive policy... all of our pricing is listed on our website, take a look at www.geoskyalert.com
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