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  1. Valuable asset to compliment your classic Series I 240Z. I also have the original manuals but my set does not have the "1970" on the engine chassis and body book The engine book is stamped on front cover " BRE 137 Oregon El Segundo Calif" I may have purchased these factory manuals from them back in 1971. Unique is the translation from Japanese to English is rather crude in some paragraphs. Always caused me to chuckle even though I only speak one language.
  2. Time to replace that stock exhaust manifold with headers. Pictures of your Air Conditioning compressor bring back memories. My dealer installed AC was a $600 option and it never worked worth a $^!#. Dealer tried different changes over first 18 months and none ever worked in the Florida heat. I drove to California in 1974 during gas crisis for 6-month assignment at Edwards Air Force Base in Mojave Desert ........ the AC was useless. I ripped out the entire system but kept the AC compressor and brought it back to Florida. It is resting n my attic for last 40+ years. In those days the AC Compressor had one use ........ a boat anchor.
  3. Great pictures and outstanding job bringing this classic back to life. My "71 Series I is a sister to yours and spends too many months in garage without activity. But it still starts and runs good after 188,000 miles without major engine overhaul. Did have to move it 2 weeks ago to get access to hurricane shutters in prep for Irma
  4. kinfish


    1971 Datsun 240Z --- Series I --- Manufactured Dec, 1970
  5. Repainted my Series I 240Z for the first time in spring, 2008. Original color "#903 acrylic enamel" At last moment I upgraded paint choice to 2007 350Z Daytona Blue with Lexus white for the stripes.
  6. Everybody has a "Bad-Day" one or more times during any year ........ it leads to venting to relieve the pressure. You had the balls to apologize in an open forum ........ not many people would do that. Forget about the event and move on. Your contributions to Z-cars and this site are too valuable to let you stray. You have a zillion attaboys in the bank to offset an occasional aw-****. Ron
  7. Here's picture of weatherstrip on front part of door ........ area that slides under the fender!
  8. This is a very helpful site but if you expect anybody to share their technical expertise you need to do the following: >>>> when you post you need to type sentences that reflect you had schooling in English and proper grammar >>>> brush up on your spelling and use a dictionary to get it write if you don't have "spell check" >>>> drop the slang and use appropriate words ....... whats up will trigger the delete button >>>> and if you don't have time to do it right you might as well just join the Army and fight the terrorists around the globe Generation-X better step up to the bar soon and learn how to pay the bill or they will turn into the "forgotten generation"
  9. Made in Far East Spelling hack in translation
  10. Refurbished wheels look outstanding ................ better than new! If Hubcap Annie was closer to my house I would do same with my Appliance "slot design" wheels which were purchased in 1971.
  11. Great post Blue ........ as usual your photo documentation and commentary is outstanding. You might consider a side job making cleaning kits to sell at a reasonable profit via EBay or other sites. I wish I had some of these items when cleaning beaucoup parts couple of years back.
  12. Original Appliance 14 x 7 aluminum mags that were purchased in Orlando, Florida for $150 in early 1972. The original center caps succumbed to Florida rust cancer and were replaced with Eagle caps sometime this decade.
  13. Another shot of Bill Coffee's unique and modified '71 240Z
  14. How bout a publicity shot with one of those boob girls caressing your triple webers?
  15. I would bet your red top optima is ready for recycling. Batteries in my neighborhood tend to show their age after 3-years and most die before they are 4. Very simple battery hold down for the Optima ......... I am sure it works fine. I recently trashed my non-stock hold down and created similar setup using aluminum 90-deg bend stock and modified Auto store holder for additional stiffness and retention.
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