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Hello Z Friends


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Hi Guys,

Bought another 280Z. She's my Double D (daily driver). Excellent deal. She's a 78 with only 95K on the odom. Runs great and everything works. Pictures to follow. The car is very clean with the usual rust in weird places. I'll upload the photos this weekend. Spoke with my bud 26th Saturday and he convinced me to get back into the Z groove.


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Great to hear from you Vicky! I'm actually Datsunless at this point as I've sold them and bought a 2005 Pontiac GTO. In fact the 810 just sold today. The business end of the deal is done and I'm just waiting for the guy to come back and pick it up. I will ultimately buy another Datsun of some type. I've owned at least one for the most part since 1970.

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