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Found 4 results

  1. 240z70

    Quiet Muffler

    I am looking for small mufflers that I can possibly use. The new CA rules are no more than 95 decibels 3/4 of Power and read at 20 inches from the exaust. Contrary to what some people say about it not affecting classic/vintage or presmog cars <1975) this is not the case. The new law changes the penalty from a fix it ticket to a mandatory fine, and a mandatory visit to the state ref and a visit to the judge. The visit to the state ref puts your entire car under the microscope and even though it does not need to be smogged, it must have all factory polution equipment that came with the motor beign used. The visit to the judge will settle the case and the fine is 1000 dollars plus all repairs already expended. It also shifts the compliance issue from the state ref to the time you got the citation. You cant get the citation fix the problem, and go to the state and pass then go to court. You must prove that at the time you were stopped that you were compliant. The state inspection is just to prove you fixed the problem, all the required equipment is there and you are ready to go see the judge once they test your car and give you the compliance paperwork.. As stated above, some people think and wrote about it not pertaining to classic/vintage or pre-smog. Not true. The law reads as such (meaning of) : .....all vehicles subject to registration in CA are subject to.....no more than 95 decibels at 3/4 of power......when measure at 20 inches from the exaust...... etc.... no exemptions except for motorcycles, vehicles over 6000 lbs and off road vehicles not allowed to drive on the street. So, I dont want the hassle, dont care about losing a few hp if need be, howeve I do want a car that is compliant and will not give me legal headaches. So can anyone suggest a good SMALL quiet muffler that will keep the car under 95 db at 4500 rpm? My current set up is 6 into 2 into 1x2.5 inch, then splits into two 2 inch, each of which goes to a side slot underneath the side bumper behind the wheel wells. I am very limited in room since the gas tank is custom made and occupies the entire room underneath not leaving the original space on the left side open to accomodate a muffler. Any ideas????? Either 2 smaller mufflers for sides or one flat on the main, or perhaps some insert silencers??????
  2. Hey doods. So I got a mid-pipe with an original NICHIRA N3300 resonator on it, and I believe it's a parts-department unit as it's coated in the original black semi-gloss finish. It has a couple of dings and dents, but nothing major. I know it may not be the right one for the 01/1970 car, but it should be close enough at this stage where I can bolt it up and replace it at a later date if I find anything more suitable. My issue is the Exhaust "downpipe" and muffler section. The one from jdm-car-parts is the same as the one that MSA sells, and i've noticed that the merge is not quite as close to OE as it could be. Or maybe the one I have off the car is an aftermarket unit? I'm not quite sure. Which brings me to... questions on the downpipe... Just so I can identify the stuff I have... Does anyone have a photo of the original downpipe and merge joint in the exhaust? I have one that has a formed section and one that is crudely welded where they meet. I am going to take a photo of it today if I can get to where it's stored in time. Does anyone know what the original finish on the exhaust from factory was (not from the parts counter). Aluminized or Raw ERW welded exhaust tube? Crush bends? Who makes the closest reproduction unit? Does anyone have an OE one for sale ? questions on the midpipe Does anyone have photos of the original? Are the N3300 part number units compatible with earlier cars, or should I start looking for another? The dimensions seem to be similar to the exhaust on another car that is an aftermarket welded in unit. Should I remove the black paint and keep it raw? I'm pretty sure I can remove all the paint fairly easily. I have a good paint remover that I can wipe off with a rag and toothbrush, and it should remove any trace of black paint and bring it back to the all-steel look to match the downpipe and muffler if they're "steel" looking. Does anyone have an OE one for sale? questions on muffler Does anyone have photos of the original other than the ones on jdm-car-parts? I have one that SEEMS like its the original unit on one of the cars, but it doesn't have NICHIRA embossing on it. It only has INLET <----> OUTLET embossing on it. Was the NICHIRA embossing on all units? Was it raw steel or silver as OEM Who makes the best reproduction of this unit? Does anyone have an OE one for sale? I know it might not seem like a big deal to some but I like the original style stuff, so if it can be made- I'd rather have those on the vehicle. Will try to do a large update on #01606 and post photos in my other unfinished threads soon! Thanks!
  3. I've had a Flowmaster muffler on my 240 for about 12 years. I bought an MSA 6-into-1 header, their 2.5" stainless kit (with DynoMax muffler) and had it installed by a local shop. I didn't like the DynoMax muffler too much, and it was occasionally rattling, and after a few tries at the original shop to fix it, I took it to another shop. I had them put on a Flowmaster, and they did a few very minor tweaks to the piping so stop the bumping and rattling. I liked the sound better, and it served me well for awhile. About a month ago, due to ignition issue I was having (long story, suffice it to say don't use a MSD Blaster II coil with a Pertronix Ignitor) I had a very loud boom of a backfire one day and the Flowmaster was damaged a little. Somewhere inside of it, some baffles or chambering or whatever got blown out of bent, resulting in a bit more of a "hollow" tone. I didn't have any visible damage that I could see without putting it on a lift, but after a few days I started to think it was leaking a little. I've always wanted a "twice pipes" setup, but that wasn't in the cards for now, so I tried finding a single-inlet, dual-outlet muffler that would fit the bill in terms of outlet size, orientation, and overall muffler length. No dice. I started looking into MagnaFlow mufflers, and sure enough they have a normal oval muffler in the center-inlet, offset-outlet configuration I needed. I read on this forum and others that MagnaFlows are a little more quiet than Flowmasters (but flow better) so I wasn't sold on a direct 9"x12" oval replacement. I did a little more research and found a 6" round muffler with offset inlet and offset outlet that I thought would work. I figured it was a little larger than the 4" or 5" round ones that people say are too loud or drone without a resonator. Plus, the muffler shop guy thought the offset/offset configuration might work pretty well without major bending/finessing, so I ordered one from Summit (part # MPE-12636). Sure enough, it was a great fit. Only took a half hour to swap the mufflers, fit the new slash/cut tip, and weld everything up. I love the sound. It's quieter at idle, and maybe quieter in the car overall, but it's louder outside the car to the rear as the RPMs rise. It definitely sounds more like a sports car now. I compiled a before-and-after video and put it on YouTube (see below). It sounds different under load that when just revving, but you'll get the idea. Under load, it starts off sounding sounding like an "angry trombone", and then moves into "angry trumpet" territory at mid-to-high RPMs. http://youtu.be/jXrf_ORXThY
  4. b1oodthirst

    Muffler Help

    So basically my problem is ; i bought a Bosal Exhaust from Advance auto parts that looks like this . I can't seem to snake the muffler through since it's in one piece, i'm wondering if i have to dismantle the rear suspension, which seems like a lot of work to do to install an exhaust system. Please, if you have any knowledge or help, let me know! p.s this is my first z car, and the first car i've done manual repairs on, so i'm in the dark about a lot of things.
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