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  1. Do to extenuating circumstances my daughter will be unable to attend the Bonnaroo 2014 Music Festival in Manchester, Tenn starting June 12th through 16th. I'm selling this ticket for less than she paid. I can accept Paypal or cash in person. The selling price was $328. I'm letting it go for $275. It includes the wrist band (ticket), bandana, flyer and lunch pail. The wrist band has not been registered yet so you'll need to do so upon receiving it. I will mail by USPS priority 'signature required' upon payment. Local pickup available too. Don't let a wonderful event pass you by! PM me... Here is a link to the laundry list of musicians attending this year. Bonnaroo
  2. I'm just pointing out that I've listed some stuff on Craigslist in Hampton Roads Va. Gotta clear some stuff out. Datsun Z parts and Datsun 510 parts. Hope this doesn't offend the admins. If so, please snuff it.
  3. I haven't seen the car in person. The guy supposedly bought recently and his wife went batcrap. He's asking $6500, 66k miles, non-turbo, lots of records. It's in Va beach Va. An office mate's girlfriend's friend is spreading the word. If you might be interested let me know and I'll send a phone number.
  4. My stroker project... This just an overview. A lot of thought, machine work and cash went into the finished product. It still sits on the engine stand waiting for the SC nose support and belt tensioner to be fabbed. It will have to wait until the new garage is completed. LD28 block V07 crankshaft L20B rods JE Pistons P90A mechanical head custom Isky cam grind custom head bolts custom intake water/air aftercooler M62 supercharger Punched block out .020 to clean bores. turned crank .010 & balanced shot peened & balanced rods lightly dished forged pistons providing 8.3 c/r bore is 85mm stroke is 83mm b/s is 1.024 rod length is 145.9mm r/s is 1.75
  5. That should work. You'll need a fuel pressure regulator to cut the psi back to 2-2.5. I'm stilling running the stock salvage yard pump.
  6. There a few ways to pull the engine and transmission. If you've got to remove both then I'd suggest removing the hood (obviously), jacking up the rear of the vehicle (place rear wheels on blocks or use jack stands) and remove engine/trans as one assembly. A rolling engine hoist would be needed to follow my suggestion. This allows the assembly to be tilted far less to clear the tunnel and radiator support.
  7. Tidewater Z could perform the work although it isn't their typical line of service. There a plenty of body shops around, not all of them good. Just because they own a welder and some body tools doesn't make them proficient or knowledgeable. Get references from clients that have had similar work performed. Two places that come to mind for great service is Fanthom Auto Works at 25th and Hampton Blvd in Norfolk and European Body Werks at 3961 South Military Highway heading towards Bowers Hill in Chesapeake. Fanthom performs top notch repair. European repaired my 240Z when a blown out tire beat the crap out of the wheel well. That repair was undetectable when completed.
  8. I doubt it is a bearing as it would be horribly noisy if this much play were present. It is remotely possible for the flange to separate from the stub axle. If the axle were actually bent you'd have a lot more problems! I'd pull the wheel and look for hairline cracks around the inner perimeter of flange. By your avatar it appears you are running alloy wheels. These bend less easily than steel but be sure it is fully seating on the flange. If your wheels are actually old aftermarket alloys that use a shanked lugnut be sure the lugsnuts aren't bottoming out before the wheel is tight. Lastly, it could be your tire is starting to delaminate causing the tread to shift giving the appearance of wobbling. That can cause some terrifying seconds if it decides to let go at an inappropriate moment. Maybe you should let someone else drive the Z while you follow to get a visual of the problem.
  9. Just pulling the transmission for the other services would have no affect unless the persons doing so did one of the following mentioned below (that assumes there was no problem before that service). As noted, there is no syncro on reverse. These gears usually get chewed up by impatient drivers that force the transmission into reverse while the vehicle is rolling forward or somehow miss a downshift from fifth to fourth and find reverse by mistake. I've had to replace these gears in every gearbox rebuild except for one unit. It won't affect operation unless a bit of gear tooth manages to get into any of the other gears causing crashing of metal.
  10. Hooter's girls were suppose to be at the show but failed. Too bad because there were actually a couple of attractive girls working during the 'to go' party on Saturday. The lack of vendor support I associate with being on the east coast since the bigger companies reside out west. I'm sure the Z events on the west coast get a lot more on-site support. That said, many vendors did step up to provide financial and auction item support for the event. A huge thanks goes out to each and every one of them for the help!
  11. These are still available through Nissan. I have a new one under the bed (yeah, I'm single...HA) that I paid about $375 for a couple years ago. You might contact Courtesy Parts in San Antonio and ask what they can do for you. Your local dealer could order it too but you'll need the part number to assist them. I'll try to remember to pull out that hood and get the P/N off the box for you this evening.
  12. Some members of the TZCCVA are heading south Sunday morning around 9AM. That should get us there by dinner time assuming no issues with my 240Z (everyone else is towing or driving newer vehicles). Spare parts and tools should keep the gremlins at bay. It's going to be a blast! of course, it's suppose to T-storm all F'ing week (50%). Being on the Atlantic Coast means that can change in mere minutes though.
  13. No outer stub axle bearing seals. The outer bearing is sealed and there is a dust ring attached to the axle flange to deflect some road debri.
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