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  1. anyone will happend to know the size of the trip reset screw that hold the cable beind the speedometer??mine is missing. thanks serge
  2. sdelage

    used dash

    my datsun 77/280z as a dash with about 7 long cracks,i am looking to buy a dash shell w/out gauges/ harness/ect...one that may have less crack than mine so i will attempt to fix it myselft to same some $$$. Any one have one for sale or have an idea where i could look,i know i could buy a cover but i like to try for the OEM first. thank you for helping sergio
  3. I have been looking for some racing pedals covers for my 1977 /280z (the one that bolt on) but it seem that the one i have looked at do not cover the OEM pedals completly, so it look to much like a add on,any one that can help me to find the perfect fitting ones i will be greatful. thank you in advance. sergio
  4. Thank you both,for your quick responses only the Slave cylinder was changed by a Nissan mecanic,and on the bill it say that brake oil was used...Dont know what oil it should have used if it make a difference.Let me know???? Regards Serge
  5. Thank you both for your reply I will try this weekend and let you know,it was fine until i had my oil pan and the clutch cylinder got changed, also to do the job the gears box was removed, but not opened, could that be a factor also??? regards serge
  6. When i put the car in the reverse it doenst shift smoothly,the gear make a crackeling sound i am able to shift all other gear with no problem.Do i need to adjust the clutch??any one who as had the same problem please let me know ,it will be great. Thank you sergio
  7. Now i am looking for my Datsun 280z Receiver Drier, 77-78 and the AC Clutch Cycling Switch.There are so many different ones that i dont want to make a mistake mine as all the connections on the top,and some for sale have also one connection on the side of the can,i dont know if mine work ok,so i will prefer to get a new one.Any tips will be greatly appreciate,my AC as been converted to 134a if it make any difference?? Again thank you for helping. Sergio
  8. I got my AC Hose done today FOR MY 1977 280Z localy in Tucson, i just need to find a Receiver and Drier with a AC Clutch Cycling Switch,some freeon and i will be good to go. Thanks for the help. Sergio
  9. i am looking for a low presure hose for my 1977 Datsun 280Z part# 27682-N4600,OR #116 on the AC diagram for that year,mine as a crack and i cannot use the AC,and Arizona is getting hot.Let me know if you have one for sale or if you know a part store who will. Thank you for your help. Sergio
  10. Thanks for your response,i will be working on making sure they are going to install my gasket this time i appreciate all your help. regards Sergio
  11. Bates Thanks for your email it is not an emmergency and i am waiting to see if some one could found one for me,i could buy one from Z cars Source of Arizona refinished for about $130.00,so i am trying to see if i can do better ,let me know once you get it what condition and what will be your price.May be a picture will help me to make my decision.The oil pan need to be for a 280Z , 1977, and the oil drain plug in back of the pan ,not on the side of the pan. regards. Sergio
  12. Thanks for all your email i did buy a oil pan gasket but it is not a cork one mine is a Fel-Pro OS 20076 a little bit thicker than a cork gasket (BRIAN)or should i exchange it.The reason i want to have them finish the job is because i have pay $$$ for the job allready,i may think to do it myself as you sugested but if i tell them to install the gasket and i found a pan at a reasonnable price then if they dont do the job so it doesnt leak any more then i will ask for my money back and never return back.This is my reasonning and i might be wrong but at this point i have nothing to loose just an other trip to the dealer and in the future i will look for a small shop who deal with Z in Tucson. Again thanks for Helping. Regards Sergio
  13. Bruce i have a 1977 280z,and i have had the nissan dealership here in tucson az change the rear main seal (the seal do not leak any more) but the oil pan gasket since then has not stop leaking. Now they told me that the reason is that there was two oil pan support bracket missing wich i have now purshaced from one of the member,there are willing to redo the job and this time use the support for the pan but they are telling me that it is going to be better not to use a oil pan gasket this time and just use silicone. I am still at lost with getting the dealer fixing my oil pan i got the Z back last week and it still leak!!! it is a thing after the other now the mecanic there is telling me that if it leak again i will have to change the oil pan,dont understand why ??? i have to change it,they say it might be worpt first the rear main seal ,then the clutch slave cylinder,then the oil pan gasket,and now the oil pan.??? he is still not instaling a oil pan gasket even that i gave him one ,if any one as some more sugestions please let me know.I wish they fix it once and for all,so this is the reason why i am now looking for a oil pan so i can enjoy my car. Thanks for asking any suggestions?? sergio
  14. Thank you for all your help,i am going to look for a oil pan for my 280z with the oil drain pug in the back of the pan not on the side and for a 1977. Now if any one knows where i could get one please let me know,so i can buy one. Regards Sergio
  15. Does any one know the oil drain plug location on a late 1976 280Z (WILL MAKE IT A 1977CAR. ???). I need to find an oil pan for that period as my current pan has a oil plug in the back of the pan, and the only ones that I have found contain the plug on the left side(passenger side). Can someone explain to me if I need an oil pan with a side plug or a back plug? Anyone have a correct oil pan that fits my 280z for sale at the moment? Thanks for the advice! -Sergio
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