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  1. Not mine http://binghamton.craigslist.org/cto/4754251705.html
  2. http://binghamton.craigslist.org/cto/4754251705.html
  3. I got it 90% better by adjusting the linkages. I had to turn one in and the other out. It was that the way it was set up caused a "bump" in the movement. That bump manifested itself as increased pedal pressure going into the "bump" and then less after... this made the "after" movement too fast. After adjustment the bump i mostly gone.. I plan to adjust more to get it even better.
  4. I'm finally getting the 17 240 painted and will need a car cover. CoverCraft seems to be "the best" but at $369-ish I thought it might be worth asking about alternatives that do a similar job but that don't cost quite so much. I'm not looking to be penny-wise and pound-foolish but if I can save $100 I would be happy. Initially the car will be outside... soon under a carport. Weather in NY metro area (all 4 seasons, some snow, plenty of sun) Thanks, Mark
  5. So I have this for sale... I have a pair, From thezstore.com MSA Seat Belt, Retractable Lap & Shoulder, Both Sides, 70-73 240Z Code:40-7491 Price: $189.95 plus shipping I will be including all of the hardware that I have but you may need to supply a couple bolts of your own (I am just not sure I have everything that was included when new). $150 SHIPPED Thought I'd post here before I take it to classifieds...
  6. Can you email me a picture? mark@woytovich.com
  7. That is opposite of the instructions that have the retractor on top... Can I see pics?
  8. I would appreciate it as we are mid-install... I'm sure I'll figure out something in any case...
  9. Could I see a picture? I'm curious to see the orientation of the retractor. Thanks
  10. I am installing the Roadster seatbelts from Wesco into my 1971 240z. I had the MSA shoulder belts in and did not like them at all. My question is about he upper mount to the retractor end. I'd like to know what people do there. Spacers? Short bracket to get it facing in the right direction? Simply bolting it into the hole at the top of the pillar doesn't seem to be right. Thanks all. mark
  11. Here is what the seller said: "The first one is from a running motor we just put apart, the seller said he had 110.000 miles on it and the other the seller said he had less than a 100.000 miles but with all seller i am taking there word" Anything you can tell from these pictures? Any points of failure I can check for? I know what to look for in an old Toyota Land Cruiser tranny but here I an in the dark.... He wants $250 each by the way.
  12. "fill it"? Do you mean putting in gear oil? If so does this difference cause a problem?
  13. Do they swap in as easily as the Z and ZX 5 speeds?
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