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  1. scotta

    S30 Hood Latch Receivers

    Anyone have a RHD one. I'm looking for one for my 72 JDM Fairlady Z
  2. scotta

    Interesting early Z on BaT

    My JDM - 1972 Fairlady Z: L20A engine, E30 head, 38mm carbs HJG38
  3. I designed and printed replacements for the washers. Printed in TPU - oil, grease resistant & extremely flexible. it has a similar flexibility to rubber. Does not require the rollers to be removed will flex enough to get over.
  4. scotta

    Series 1 Wheel Chocks

    If you really what to get particular the wheel chocks are also stamped with a date. There are two digits, the first representing the last digit of the year, the second the month. E.g 2C would be 1972, March. This thread has the details (including the date stamping on jacks)
  5. scotta

    [SOLD] Sort of a Pay it forward...

    I’ll take them....thanks. I’ve pm’ed you.
  6. Kats, and others. Thanks for this info. My jack has the same birthday as your friend Shimoura San. R.I.G - “1972 September 7th “ This dates well to the approx car manufacture date of the Fairlady Z Serial number S30100698 Nice to know it is likely the original The chock is from a later donor car (I know the PO used some parts from another 1973 240z in making some repairs). 3B = 1973 March
  7. scotta

    Seat restoration

    They could potentially be laser cut. Would not take too long to create a set of files using a cad package such as Fusion360 and laser cut them. I have the skills and equipment if there is demand. Do you know what material the plastic is (there are some plastics you should not cut on a laser).
  8. Thanks for this. I was about to do the exact same setup, retrofitting the VA controls into the stock panel. Great to know it can be done relatively easily.
  9. scotta

    Fairlady Z - Date of manufacture

    Just to complete and correct the information here. I did further research and found the car is a 1972 version. The Member Kats San provided the following information.
  10. scotta

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    I have one of these stickers on the back of my JDM 1972 Fairlady z. The back panel has been resprayed by the previous owner, (original colour can been seen where some of it has cracked off). . I think they cut the sticker down at the same time. Probably because it was peeling off.
  11. scotta

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    We lived in Tokyo for 3 years. In Sendagaya, near Yoyogi Park. I was about 10. As a blonde headed kid I definitely stood out. Gaijin's were pretty rare those days, Tokyo was much less international back in the 70's. Great memories, really enjoyed the time. I enjoy getting back there.
  12. scotta

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    whilst not a Z..... We lived in Japan in the 1970's here is a couple of photos of my mums car, I think it is a 1972 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X (could be a 2000GT-R). Taken in 1975. It was a pretty zippy car, can remember mum flooring it a few times for fun.
  13. scotta

    Sold on LEDs

    Can you post an updated link to the bulbs on amazon?
  14. Designed and I’m in the process of printing some wheel caps. Laser cut the logos in acrylic. Caps printed in TEPG filament.

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