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  1. Designed and I’m in the process of printing some wheel caps. Laser cut the logos in acrylic. Caps printed in TEPG filament.
  2. scotta

    Broken Window Roller - Repairable?

    usually available @ https://zcardepot.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=window+roller&cat= however showing out of stock currently - I purchased a couple about a month ago when I was rebuilding my doors / adding sound proofing.
  3. scotta

    Door panel restore

    I’ve also heard of people using thin stainless steel wire instead of the staples.
  4. Had a clunk in the rear end on big bumps. Think I found out why! Other side was not much better.
  5. scotta

    Crane XR700 & Tachometer

    Really happy this post and the community could help you solve the problem. That is the whole point of the forum in my view.
  6. scotta

    Crane XR700 & Tachometer

    Attached is photos of my final cleaned up wiring. Hope this helps A couple of points; there are two types of tachometers out there. Three and four wire, they work differently. Mine is a Japanese Fairlady. Some of the wire colors are different to the us cars
  7. scotta

    Turn signal dash indicator reversed?!

    I had the same problem. I found it a physical pain to get the bulb out. Not much room there.
  8. scotta

    Turn signal turns on headlights

    I have uploaded the 3D model of the indicator arm knob and instructions to thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2984466 Please note, this will only work for the JDM version cars the indicators are wired differently and includes a relay to power the lights.
  9. scotta

    Turn signal turns on headlights

    An update. The end of the indicator was missing the knob and the push to flash switch. I 3d modeled and printed a replacement complete with momentary switch for the lights. All wired up, relay and lights working well.
  10. I spoke to the owner at the Larz Anderson cars and coffee the weekend before the auction. You are right, not the mechanical type. Sounded like he outsourced all the work. Was complaining that the body shop had not done the engine bay respray as requested plus not installed much of the new rubber and parts he supplied. Was selling the car so that he could buy out the Ferrari he was part owner of.
  11. scotta

    WTB - Hood catch assembly - RHD JDM version

    Did you get my message?
  12. scotta

    WTB - Hood catch assembly - RHD JDM version

    Bump. I have been watching japan yahoo for this item. Seen one, but missed out. any other suggested sources in Japan?
  13. I am looking for a complete hood latch & catch mechanism (male / female) for my RHD 1972 Fairlady Z -L (Japanese Domestic Market Version ) I understand it is mirror image to the US version.
  14. scotta

    Crane XR700 & Tachometer

    You are right about the advice being confusing and contradictory. I’ve not yet run it for any length of time to see if the coil heats up. I can try to add the ballast in between the ignition power and gauge and coil. But that will limit current to coil.
  15. scotta

    Crane XR700 & Tachometer

    On my 72 Fairlady the PO had installed a XR700 electronic ignition combined with a Fireball PS200 coil. Works well however the tachometer was not working (it was not wired in). Wanted to share my solution and check if anyone knows if there might be issues with what I have done. There is a lot of differing advise out there on this. But this is what I believe; I have a tachometer that uses an induction coil to detect the revs. I think referred to as a 3 wire tach. I am assuming it works by detecting the current fluctuations every time the coil fires to determine the RPM. I figure that the coil and the tacho have to be wired in series. First diagram is the original setup without the tacho connected. Second is how I have wired it. I am not using a ballast resistor at is it not needed with this setup.

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