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  1. Guillermo, I did get the info. In fact one of the members was kind enough to lend me one to make measurements. I've have modelled the externals and some of the internals in Fusion360. I am still working on the internal spring mechanism. I have a set of short arm mirrors. I will replace the arm and bullet with 3d printed versions.
  2. Great to see another one surface. Same year as mine, S30-100698, with original 2l engine. (They changed the numbering format in that year, adding an additional digit. //////0 Mine also moved to the us with a returning service man. There were a couple of different models produced; FZ and FZ-L. The L had carpets, a rally clock and an 8 track. Does yours have a clock?
  3. Plus the hood latch and radiator top bar positioning. This way a sub jug could be built that would fit over the engine (if still installed) and confirm placement of suspension tower tops, and hood setup. Cheers
  4. Great stuff. Not sure if you have it yet, but would be really interested to have the design include the hood mounting bolt holes. Thanks
  5. ...and a 3d printer that can do PLA, ABS, TETG, Nylon and flexible filaments. Happy, happy, joy joy.
  6. My laser cutter makes gasket making super quick and easy. File attached if someone needs it. I've decided to fit the newer version of the spray bar. Oil Spray Bar Front GasketV5- large.svg
  7. Mine is a 9/72 JDM FZ-L it had the top one on it. However it was broken, one of the pipes connected was loose. The the car came with a spare but it was also broken. The casting quality on the junction sections is quite poor, I ended up machining the faces flat (with a router and a jig). I tried to resolder the pieces. Reasonable / workable job. However someone gave me one of the lower ones. May use that instead.
  8. I have two types, can someone confirm. The top one is older style, bottom is newer style? Or is one type an aftermarket version?
  9. I've got both an 8 track face and a cassette player face. Interesting that the knob are at different spacings The Cassette radio is at 130mm and the 8 track at about 148mm. Kats, are the units the same width and mounting mechanism in the car?
  10. arigatou gozaimasu Kats Please mail me if you see one on Yahoo Japan or elsewhere
  11. for my 1972 FZL I have the face plate and the small switch with the rubber gasket, but not the unit. I plan to mock up a non working unit behind the face plate. So at least it looks original. I gave mine a bit of a clean and respray with Landau black SEM paint and a silver sharpie.
  12. Correct. Your version of your head and the cam does not require the oiler bar. For more info on heads.
  13. Patton is correct. You can see the small oil outlet holes in the cams.
  14. Jon, with that vin, your car is a 1972. Likely around April/May. Engine will have some cast numbers on the block; this will be the engine type, LHS low on the block. the head will also have a cast number, RHS. Below is the main factory combinations. But you will find heads are quite often swapped out. ENGINE. DISPLACEMENT. BLOCK CASTING CODE. HEADS L20A (JDM Fairlady Z) 2.0 litre #E30 head E30 L24 (1970 240Z) 2.4 litre # E31 (flattop pistons) E31 L24 ('71-73 240Z) 2.4 litre # P30 (flattop pistons) E88 L26 ('74 260Z) 2.6 litre # P30 (flattop pistons) E88 L28 ('75-80 280Z/ZX). 2.8 litre # N42 (dished pistons) N42, N47 L28 ('81-83 280ZX) 2.8 litre # F54 (flattop/dished pistons, siamesed cylinders) P79, P90, P90a Would love to see more pics particularly of the dash, instruments, radio and engine bay.