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  1. I have been off the site for a little while as I could tell I needed more information. All of the Z's were driven into the wharehouse and were in good running condition. Unfortunately they have not been turned over in years. I had a Z mechanic look at the vehicles and he advised based on what he can tell it will not take a lot for the engines to run. For those that will be at the SEMA Conference in Vegas I will be there from 11/3-11/8 and the cars are in the Las Vegas area and would be willing to show the vehicles for serious buyers. Thank you for all of your advice and suggestions.
  2. Hey Duffman they are located in the Las Vegas market. Trying to sell them for my inlaws.
  3. It is an identification plate on the door and is in japanese.
  4. Thanks for all of the input, we actually have 3 other 240Z's 1 1970 and 2 71's. I ahve pics of two of them with one being the white one. I will be looking to sell them as well but doing all of my research to determine proper value for each of them.
  5. Thank you, I have some photos but will need to get it out for the rest of pics.
  6. Hoover do you know much about this specific vehicle? How many do you think are in the states that have never been converted to US?
  7. My Father In Law passed away and he has some vehicles. One that he has is a 1972 Blue Fairlady Z with original 40,511 miles on it. The vehicle has never been converted to US emissions and does not even have a US vin # attached to it. The body and interior are in excellent condition but the engine has not been turned in quite a while. It appears that this vehicle was oringally owned by a US servicemen as it has a US Armed Forces sticker in the upper center of windshiled dated 1974. The left side window still has a sticker on it from Japan. Everything on the vehicle is in japanese. Where is a great place to put this vehicle up for sale as it may be a one of a kind.
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