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  1. RIP260Z

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi Kats, I think the air box, the much maligned HMB46 carbs and the different intake manifold (N42) added a good bit to the extra bhp of the European 260Z, and not just down to extra cc's over the 240Z's L24.
  2. RIP260Z

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    And for me, this type of air filer housing is better than the pre August 1973 air filter housing, as it has a separate channel inside (the bulbous bit below where the vacuum can is) which feeds the rear carb with air much more directly.
  3. RIP260Z

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    HI Kats, I think the cap ending in -16300 is more for the SP311, which has a expansion type tank (where the coolant can be sucked back into the coolant system)...for me, Nissan part numbers ending in -16300 are more than likely CSP311 specific, which is true for trim/unique parts. Whether this carries over to "generic" mechanical parts, I am not sure 100%. Cheers Ian
  4. RIP260Z

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    I'm another fan of the flat tops, have been for years. Hi Jay, we have conversed on these a good few years ago. I never got round to using the flat tops, I sold the project Z I was going to use... These carbs are well designed, as is the airbox that goes with it. Can't be that hard to use, its only fuel and air! (though the key is careful set-up/adjustment). I may have an odd NOS for the "1974" version (as this version went on to 1978)..... and found an SU replacement needle part number... Will be interested how you get on.
  5. Nobody can answer my points, why? To quote an American culture, Bueller? So, if I post technical information, sales comparing the UK(RHD) and France (LHD) and graphs etc as a mirror of what has happened here, can I claim the "Z was made for the UK market"? For me, its got nothing to do with "American culture" its about picked info for a biased read. So, future readers, please read the original information with a cellar of salt. HS30-H for me, has added some of the "missing" material, and there is plenty more on this forum, without this biased. All I want is a full picture.
  6. But looking at what you had written, a picture of Goertz is just parachuted in with no context to why (which is my point). He had very little to do with Nissan as a whole, and for me I will keep on the csp side of things, you show a picture of Goertz, yet don't name the two far, far, more important people (can you name them?), who, had sooooo much more input into the CSP311, and Nissan as a whole. Compared to others who worked at Nissan, his (Goertz) input is just a footnote. His foot note is worthy, but why, oh why just that? Why does the foot-note get mentioned, rather than the book? Its an American thing, oh come on. The S30 is a global car, with its home (Japanese) market and the (global) export market, its not just about the North American cars. There is soooo much info on all the models in the Z range (on here), why is the North American market (sales figures) makes it so much the.... ? As I said, the story is sooo much more and you left so much behind, which for me leaves it biased. It is tricky to write something , and takes time. and being informed. If people don't, people pull you up on it, and question what is written. Not for me. This like other forums can be viewed by anyone, info has to be correct, otherwise..... More on the CSP "experiment".....the car was the first time Nissan had a synchro gearbox (under licence), disc brakes, hand assembled bespoke model, selling to a specific upmarket clientel (in Japan). The design team knew what they wanted to create from the start, so some "experiment", which has produced one of Japan's most desired cars from the 1960's.
  7. It isn't brilliant to cherry pick info and imply a different take on what happened. There aren't any 240z sketches, there are design sketches that eventually became the S30. You forget the CSP311 was an earlier concept at the beginning of this design road, and that route became a dead end. So, could it be said that the CSP311 was an early prototype of the "240z"? Not for me. Why is Goertz here? The CSP311 was an experiment, I don't think so. Yes it taught them stuff , and considering what the car was and its target, it was a success. Not all cars are measured on the numbers they sell. The US sales take, it needs filling out, as there are reasons why this is so.
  8. RIP260Z

    Original Z was never supposed to happen

    To add...so far, there is very, very little evidence to support Goertz involvement in the A550X development, not even from himself. If you look at the timeline of the A550X, the project started before the CSP311, and that project started before he arrived. Little mention of Kimura san claiming credit for the A550X design. The A550X project was stopped for work on the CSP311 to start and be implemented, and the A550x project was re-started just as Goertz's contract ended. Its assumed (wrongly) that since Goertz's supposed A550X design that the shape became the S30 and Toyota 2000GT. That is fake news! Most journalist just re-hash what others say, without looking at more historical information and testimony from people who where there. It takes a lot of time to collate and sift through what evidence is out there, I know, as I am doing the research! The reason is not wholly established why the Yamaha and Nissan split came about, but it is more likely due to Nissan promising Yamaha that they could build the CSP311 body, and then Nissan changing their minds. The A550X project was in the wrong place at the wrong time in the squabble, not that it was any more than a concept design.
  9. RIP260Z

    The S30 design isn't helped by....

    Agreed. I have enough problem dealing with the Geortz design myth with the CSP311, as I own one, and have a website covering the CSP311 history. (its listed under my profile somewhere). The more you start looking at what is printed about his real input whilst in Japan, adds up to some clay modelling and a C pillar change. Nothing else can be corroborated, unless you keep regurgitating the myth, which most sources do. The S30 org site could have been a small bastion of accuracy, instead.....
  10. RIP260Z

    The S30 design isn't helped by....

    ...this...more myth. Go to timeline in the link. https://www.s30.org/index.php
  11. I use Yahoo all the time for my CSP311 and I have added fun of cross model searching to find parts. In my experience of using it, the non-vented set up is less often found for sale on there. Obviously its not a barometer of availability and there are other routes to find them but it is the most easy. Lucky you have Kats helping you to navigate.
  12. Glad to see a nice collection of NOS parts. It seems I was correct pointing out that these are vented, so I wasn't mad.... Keep us posted on this great brake project.
  13. RIP260Z

    Factory option S30 S130 footrest

    Not from this small batch, but it is something I could do as a small group buy later on.
  14. RIP260Z

    Factory option S30 S130 footrest

    Rare S30/S130 option factory footrest. Not an aftermarket fitment that some mistake these for, nor a re-production. These are rather useful for your passenger to use, especially to brace against whist the car is being spiritly driven. Your driver, gets to hold the steering wheel! My understanding is this for sale is the S130 option footrest, though I am only really going by seeing this type listed as such on Yahoo Japan. But it could easily be a different type for the S30 range, there are two different part numbers listed on the original S30 parts number book, and also I have seen about 5 versions of S30/S130 option footrest. So, it is not a done deal which model this one was originally for and very few people do with a good level of certainty. Thus it should fit the 280zx (known as the 280z in the Japanese domestic market), should also fit the S30 range. I take, though not fully sure, the main difference is the position of the feet, the S30 face in, whilst the S130 has one foot face out (see pictures). This means the fixing bolts (to the floor) are about 35mm further apart than the S30 (which is approx. 275mm centre to centre). The length (or width depending how you view it in your footwell) is approx. 345mm. This version has the inner foot higher than the outer (if fitted to a RHD car), where the hoop pivots from. Thus, the footrest will sit at an angle, so it may require spacer to bring to a more level plane (though the original floor may accommodate this). The new longer bolts will help with this. These are fairly common in Japan, but not often found outside in comparison. Very few export S30/S130’s had this option fitted, mostly find these on the Fairlady Z’s imported out of Japan (and obviously the home Japanese market). This footrest is not the option the Datsun Roadster SP/SR311 which is chrome with black feet, and the feet are attached in a different way, I know as have seen one and I am doing a reproduction of this footrest. I think you see chrome footrests on the S30 Japan show cars launched in 1969, but these are most like the option roadster one. This one was brought in from Japan as a used item (though still not a bargain plus handling fee from my proxy bidder, shipping and import tax). Paint stripped, then filed, wet and dry sanded to smooth. New bolts inserted into feet, with new Nissan nuts and washers. One of these feet was bent, and required bending back, but it left a slight wave in the bottom of the foot, though it sits flat. It’s difficult bending 5mm steel back into an exact shape without damaging the rivet and rest of the footrest. Once sanded smooth, it was powder coated in gloss black. Before coating I have also tried to smooth out the feet, as these rust, and pit, hence why there is dimples in the finish, mainly on the underside. Metal sitting in damp carpet and wet footwear is the reason for the rusting out over the years. Little bit of cracking of the new powder coating around the rivets, but that is to be expected, the hoop is designed to move. Even on the originals, paint is missing from the outer part of the rivet. The vast majority of the time you see these option footrests they are missing the ribbed rubber part, or its ripped. I have a footrest of my own, and as I restore it, I wanted it too look correct. There is a part number for this ribbed part, but that is NLA. After a long look at ribbed floor mats and other sources, (even tracing a lead when I was in Australia) for the correct look. Even asking a seller of "in the style of" S30 footrests didn't want to help. To no avail, as usual, do it yourself. The footrest rubber (from what I gather it is not made of rubber but PVC) is designed to fit on the round bar hoop, even if you find something close (e.g. a floor matting) it will change the look as the matting is designed to be laid flat rather than the tight circumference of the hoop. So I decided to make my own. Took the dimensions off an old broken one, drew a sketch, then I paid someone to make this design into a CAD drawing. After a couple of prototypes (one printed just with a slit in to allow attachment to the hoop) and short versions to work out the correct diameter) then finalizing on this two piece split version, with locating castellation’s. The number and style of the ribs is the same as the original, I did make the top (plateau) of the ribs about 0.5mm wider as I made the internal diameter slightly larger to aid gluing (see below- but you can’t tell unless you marry it up to an original). And thus 3D printed in plastic, it has a different feel than the original, I just updated it to last longer under your feet, but still look right and considering most would not use it as they take pride in having a pristine S30. I made the diameter of this ribbed part a bit bigger, as I didn't want a tight fit, so when glued (with two part epoxy Arildite) it didn't squeeze everywhere, between the joins, out the ends and then be a pain to clean. The photos should be self explainable..... So, for sale is a fully restored option footrest. To purchase, ship and restore, with no proportion of the CAD drawing but all the printing costs, all this mount up, this is why the price is what it is I am afraid. Many aspire for the JDM look, add the footrest to your look. $290 plus shipping. Europe, USA, Australia, shipped with courier within 4/5 working days. Shipping, about $40.
  15. I hope I am wrong for your sake Jerry. I have a set of MK63's for solid rotor for refurb and acquired all the parts for completion, so have a little knowledge to go by.

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