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  1. Nice Flyzlo! Too much weight for me to ship, plus some parts aren't for the European Hitachi flat top carb of the re-plated parts. Only interested in the new parts....Good luck with the sale.
  2. View Advert NOS flat top carb choke piston x2 For sale is a pair of NOS choke pistons for the flat top carbs, part number 16466-N3311. One box is still not opened (the sellotape is still attached), and the other was only opened for the photos. Mint, but the boxes aren't (but you aren't buying this for the boxes are you?!) Price includes shipping to the US (tracked), as I am in the UK. Any questions drop us a line. Advertiser RIP260Z Date 10/10/2020 Price $150.00 Category Parts for Sale  
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale is a pair of NOS choke pistons for the flat top carbs, part number 16466-N3311. One box is still not opened (the sellotape is still attached), and the other was only opened for the photos. Mint, but the boxes aren't (but you aren't buying this for the boxes are you?!) Price includes shipping to the US (tracked), as I am in the UK. Any questions drop us a line.


    - GB

  4. Texasz, I am running the 260z (280z for you in US) 2+2 model booster, its bigger as the 2+2 is heavier, especially with 2 extra passengers. There is a graph in the Nissan workshop manual showing the differences in pressure/vaccum.
  5. Hi Jason, I can’t answer for M-speed, but the reason for the changes could be them taking into consideration how the wheel is cast and/or machined, the offset they chose (if different). But I think it is more how M-speed “modernized” “ interpreted “ “put their stamp on” their design with homage to the original Kobe Seiko Z432 wheel, but still with a huge amount of influence. On a side point of interest, Kobe Seiko could be said that they took their/Nissan’s design of the Z432 wheel (and Works rally wheel?) by making their own interpretation, and marketing it separately. Known as the Maglloy. It does look similar to the Z432/Works wheels, especially if you grind off the “Kobe Seiko maglloy” casts off the front of the wheel and machine the hub boss down (which Alan says he was told happened way back when original Z432 wheels were in short supply from being damaged/worn out, in Japan). can you spot what is missing in the photo? I think it is also a 1970’s-ish “in period” design with a different variations thing going on. The 280zx “iron cross” wheel (did Kobe Seiko make them?) and Kobe did a 13”, see photo below.
  6. As I seem to be the "cause" of "in the style of", here is my Kobe Seiko Z432 wheel (on the left) and one of my M-speed Z432 "style" wheels; At a quick glance, let's start with the hub, the end hole is different shape, the M-speed is more tappered to the base of the wheel, and a wider circumferance at the bottom. The "spokes" radiating from the hub are a different shape, and are deeper set into the wheel on the Kobe one and thus taller. The four spaces on the outer are different, one longer and squatter (Kobe) while the M-speed is not as sqat and taller. And from therethe outer "spokes" are a slightly different shape too.There are probably others, but you get the drift. The Kobe is thicker in material, and is much more curved over all its features, while the M-speed is much more "machined" with more defined edges. None of the differences mentioned above can happen if you cast/make a buck from an original Kobe wheel. Hence why I say the M-speed is in the style of. Like Gav is doing, and the replicas made here in the UK (you just see the edge of a 15" "works replica wheel [top right] ) all stemmed from have an original Kobe wheel used as a buck or scanned. So all the design follows into the replica.
  7. Pay attention Sean! I put the Yahoo links up, and someone else put the M-speed website on this or the other thread, blimey, little hope. Its not. Google translate can even help you, put wheel in, you get ホイール add z432 and search Yahoo Japan auctions.
  8. Lets be clear here, the M-speed wheels, either the Z432 style or "works" style are not reproductions of the original Kobe Seiko wheels. The M-speed are in the style of. They differ in design, and weight and I think off-set too. The z432 style and original Kobe Seiko I have, do so. The other reproductions done here in the UK and Japan, more than likely took a cast of an original to make some reproductions/replicas. The M-speed are different, therefore can't be reproductions. In the style of.
  9. To add some balance (as essentially as I see it, these are a M-speed product), I brought a set (z432 style not the "works" style on this thread) via Yahoo Japan about 2 years ago through M-speed's auction, well before anybody else outside of Japan. M-speed has their Z432 style and Works style are listed here; https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/search/search?auccat=&tab_ex=commerce&ei=utf-8&aq=-1&oq=&sc_i=&exflg=1&p=ホイールマグ+z432&x=25&y=22 Or I can supply Jamel's email for direct contact.
  10. I am afraid its getting hard to find these, good secondhand let alone NOS. They sometimes come up on Ebay uk in a "needs work". Being on the front of the car, it got the full brunt of weather and road grit when the European S30 was intoduced and driven in the years after (e.g. nose of car hitting a parking curb). The Euro spoiler, front (98300-E8100 -E8125) has 7 tabs set into the urethane front spoiler, these break off or detach from the urethane. Also, on the European cars there is a corresponding front apron panel, which has captive nuts built in so the tabs on the spoiler can bolt onto. This is 62600-E7201 with four superseeded part numbers after through the years. The panels under the headlamp pods (for European models) may have nuts for the spoiler too, but its been a while since I have seen one to jog the little grey cells... One of our parts suppliers here in the UK who recently died, did a fibreglass front apron, one piece (panels under the headlamps, front centre apron and spoiler), I am un-sure if these are around or who now has the moulds. The spoiler part of the whole fibreglass apron is painted black like the original part (against the car body colour), looks like the OEM set-up. The front spoiler was part of a "stock" "aero package" (for Europe), combined with the rear boot (deck lid) spoiler which was an option part (98100-E4600) with 7 superseeded part numbers depending on year/model.
  11. You mean one like this? (about a 1/4 of the way down) the stock Euro front spoiler; https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/57160-fairlady-432-at-auction/?page=7&tab=comments&_fromLogin=1
  12. Easily found in Japan; https://www.rhdjapan.com/search/?q=lug nuts Made from duraluminium is what I gather, have a set I got from here a few years ago (but not listed anymore), on my S30, and the added thing is they are all hepagonal, so a normal spanner socket won't fit, so effectively 4 lock nuts per wheel. Even Nismo sells aluminium nuts.
  13. Hi Alan, Slightly off topic, but interesting, I am looking at the rev counter, did the works rally cars use these (though the grainly image looks like it only goes to 8000rpm): I did bid on this on Yahoo a few years ago, but outbid.
  14. Whether Kaishinsha is spelt in Datsun 240z Engineering and delopment correct is the least of the books concern, it can't even spell in English, Silvia and Sylvia and Toytoa 2000. Also missing the GT bit, let alone spelt wrong. In that chapter /subheading, it talks about "sports cars in Japan after World War 2", yet no mention of the sp311, then straight into the SLR311 (should be SRL311) and as the sub heading is ...cars in Japan, surely it should be talking about the JDM model (the SR311), not the export one.. Was the SLR311 used at a test-ride even for the general public at Tochigi plant, more than likely the SR311 was used. The SRL311 didn't develop 145hp unless you went with the option pack ( USA). As Alan says, the version is bowdlerised, and this looks like the result covering the A550X, as what is written is very much trunkated. For start, Yamaha didn't produce the fibreglass body, theirs was in steel. The fibreglass body was made by GK Design (KOIKE Iwataro). I don't know where and how the mistakes were made, but its poor in the two or three pages as examples. I wish I could read 'Fairlady Z Development Chronicle' instead of the English version. (well I haven't read it, as the mistakes put me off).
  15. More waffle (being polite here). I have seen this before, probably know the source of this pile of s... Its like saying the Chevolet Covair fostered some characteristics similar to the Ford Model T. And the Model T fostered similar characteristics from a horse and cart. Thankfully I haven't brought the book, wasted my money.
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