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  1. Look what arrived today.... So I can ship the few I have had interest from....Pm me and we can sort out when you are ready.
  2. Well, there seems to be interest for a small batch of my reproduction ribbed footrest part, see group buys if interested.
  3. Hello, This follows on from this thread; As I have had a couple interested parties in the ribbed rubber part, lets see if we can do a group buy/small production run. From the above thread; The ribbed rubber foot grip is usually ripped on on original un-restored footrest, so finding one intact is good. Sometimes the original rubber grip looks like has been put on in a hurry at production, and can have the ribs running crooked. There is a Nissan part number for this, which is NLA. There is a re-production one on Yahoo auctions, but it doesn't look right. Yes, you could use some ribbed floor matting, but the finding the correct ribs, and then they look wrong as they are designed to lay flat. Not round a metal bar of a tight radius. The effect is the ribs are too splayed. So, I had to reproduce my own, 3D printed, so it looks correct. The reproduction rubber foot grip I had CAD drawn from an original, then 3D printed in plastic. For me, the look was much more important than being in the right material, as more than likely the original was extruded. Now, most owners won't use their footrests as much as when originally fitted, as the cars/parts are much more covetted. So, yes printed in nylon, correct length, number of ribs, the correct shape and spacing. As you see I have made some castleated additon to the parts, this will help get the parts lined up and a good fit. Then will require glueing on, I can talk you through that later. Everyone thinks 3D printing is cheap, it can be for small parts, but it doesn't work for this, as the part is long, and to get 8 (16 halves) brings the build volume up and in a way to make an "Airfix"model frame so it can be actually printed. Price is $60 plus shipping. US people, its probably going to be cheaper to ship all to one person (price spread between you) and then ship internally. Shipping to and from the US has risen hugely over the last few years. I am in the UK. To happen, 8 people needed, as this is how many footrest ribbed parts are in the file. PM me, or add here.
  4. Yes, my NOS pre '76 ones are the "D" shape on the arm, and post. So..., I think someone else on this thread put the "repro" arms on his original '77-78 locks, by some filing to fit. So, I maybe able to put my pre '76 locks together with my '77-78 arms.... correct? Thanks
  5. Sorry bring up old topic.... My original '78 locks have gone, and I have seen Zcardepot replacement locks previously, nice to see. Now, I have a pair of NOS earlier up to '76 locks, can I just put the arms above ('77-78) on? The design of the arm to lock hole looks the same, the same indent within the 8mm hole. My NOS body looks longer than the '77-78 replacement lock, what length are yours Zcardepot? Or will it not work, due to the orientation of the arm on the lock?
  6. RIP260Z


    Another, these are my not needed MK63 pads packaging, tatty but still containing.
  7. RIP260Z


    Thanks CanTechZ, I bet you don't really want to use that fan belt if you get stuck. That is part of the problem, once they are used, they are gone. A couple of examples of "soft" Nissan packaging. The sturdy paper bag one, hand written, and without parts description. And a Datsun plastic bag.
  8. RIP260Z


    No, not the current virus restrictions, but the original, genuine, Nissan boxes and assorted packaging, our new, now NOS parts came in. I haven't seen a thread on this, so.. I love obtaining new parts, in there original boxes, something special. And the more age to a part, some of mine are probably going back to the mid 1960's, the better. And, the changes and different way Nissan wrote down the part number and item description. I have no idea how the different types of packaging, labels and fonts fit into any kind or historical "pathway" of development, I just like them! I don't think this should just stay within the era of the S30, as the packaging of parts spans a wider time. Some , may think its "weird", but its not the same getting a reproduction part just in a plastic bag. The original box can add value to the part. My favouite, the red white and blue Nissan boxes. Not mine, but the boxes are in very good condition. A variant, I only spotted of the red white and blue; Notice, only red on the ends of the packaging. An earlier example of a parts label, notice it is in kanji, rather than english, and the label is a different design. Enjoy! (Admin, feel free to move, but I didn't know how to catagorize this...)
  9. I have no plans to, but if there is enough interest....
  10. If you haven't already found it;
  11. All maybe not lost for those looking for fronts to go with their rears. The fronts I got to be refurbished, turned out to be too far gone unless a lot of money was chucked at it. But, I still got a new set of Bilsteins, just from a different model. No, not the VW Rabbit. I will have to look to see what they were....
  12. Kats (and others), here is a picture of the SP/SR footrest for reference, this is a repro, but you get the idea.
  13. Well, the duster came out... I bought these, with previous info, the yellow Bilstiens are rear, the fronts green. I was after fronts. But it turns out they are rears. Hinter in German is behind/rear with achse meaning, roughly, axle (on original Bilstien sticker). Nice to see the original stickers. Maybe as these are "early", low serial numbers, the Bistiens front and rear for the 240z in the early 1970's were green. I also think there is a typo on the label, the p30-0062 has "0's", correctly but it look like the 24OZ using a "O". The stupid person I brought them off, cut them off the strut at the wheel hub end, causing the angle grinder marks, which thankfully didn't go through, leaving the the top of the strut undone.
  14. I will break out the duster! Rebuilt mine.