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JDM/option Footrest, differences.


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As I mentioned on page 22 of JDM'junkies build thread, I have seen differences with the passenger footrest, which HS30-H says was standard equipment on 'DELUXE' models in Japan, and an extra-cost showroom order option on 'STANDARD' models , within that thread.

This is by no means comprehensive, so, please correct, add info.

Lets start with a S30 footrest Kats says (in the above thread) is from Fairlady Z from the beginning (Oct 1969 ) to 1973 or later .


I think the footest we see on the S30, originates from a preceeding model, the SP311/SR311, as my understanding it was an option from 1967 on, part number 74340-25500. But, the "hoop" part was chrome, with black "feet", and the feet were mounted inside the hoop. Maybe the feet were mounted inside, as the floor pan is narrower.

Did this SP/SR footrest make its way onto the prototype/ pre-production S30's or did Nissan go straight to the black painted one? Interested to know. Did the footrest go further back in the Nissan model range?

I haven't seen a -25500 one, just a grainy photo, but here is the start of my reproduction one;


It's not finished, I have to reproduce the rivets to hold the feet.

Anyway, back to the S30 one. Here are some differences, I have no idea how they fit in with models/timescales. The "hoop" shape doesn't really change. It is mainly the feet and how they are fixed. In no particular order;

As mentioned in the above thread, JDMjunkies footrest he got, had differing feet ( and for me the rivets say its original, see further down);


The feet on the first image from Oct 1969 to 1973, (top of post), has rounded feet, and both feet face inwards.  JDMjunkies, has a more square feet, and one foot faces outwards.

Which brings me onto this one,


The right foot, as you look at the image, is substantially longer than the left, so when mounted the footrest would not be level. Does it mount on a block? It is original, as the rivet holding is correct.The original rivets cannot be removed without destroying them. On all the footests, there is a white/opaque plastic washer/spacer between the hoop and the foot.

Which nicely bring me onto rivets. There are two types I have seen, unless replaced by someone with a bolt and nut.


The left rivet, has an inside head that is cross hatched, as if its been hit with a chisel/tool to swell the end to hold it. The other side is flat and rounded (see below). The right rivet is aluminium/soft steel, and isn't as strong. I don't have an image of the other side. Maybe going to the right rivet was a production/cost change?


The other difference is the bolt that holds the footrest to the passenger floor. On the images above, they have a domed head, with a coachbolt square shoulder below, which lines up witha square hole in the foot. The later (?) type is;


A much narrower, taller domed head with a slot in the top. Again, with a square shoulder to line up with the foot, and also a round hole. I am fairly confident this is original, as I have had about 3 footests come my way with this same fitment, and all with the same hoop to foot rivet.

Did the footrest came with some specific washers (for under the floor), like the one a couple of images up?

The ribbed rubber foot grip is usually ripped on on original un-restored footrest, so finding one intact is good. Sometimes the original rubber grip looks like has been put on in a hurry at production, and can have the ribs running crooked. There is a Nissan part number for this, which is NLA. There is a re-production one on Yahoo auctions, but it doesn't look right. Yes, you could use some ribbed floor matting, but the finding the correct ribs, and then they look wrong as they are designed to lay flat. Not round a metal bar of a tight radius. The effect is the ribs are too splayed. So, I had to reproduce my own, 3D printed, so it looks correct.


Original behind, reproduction in front.

I hope that gives some an insight to the footrest.



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Thank you so much for clarification. I'm just super busy this and next week with the office full house, but i will try to get a detailed answer to this asap.
Also the rubber piece sounds like an interersting thing for me, since mine has a crack on the backside and needs replacemend. i haven't seen those sold individually. only the complete footrest. do you sell them individually too?

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Hi Ian , nice thread ! I didn’t know about SP/SR have the foot rest , and it is chrome !

I wish it had chrome finish for the Fairlady Zs , it would have been beautiful much more .

Dino 206 and 246 early have chrome beautiful foot rest like this . Our Zs should have like that .



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My Z432 and 240ZG have the foot rest , both are rounded big head for the securing bolts to the floor .

And Ian you remind me of the foot rest on my Z432 , I clearly remember when my Z432 was in a shop for its restoration back in 2007 .

There was a ribbed rubber grip on the table next to a foot rest , I could not  see the decal of the plastic bag for the rubber , but a restorer wrapped the foot rest with the rubber adding some adhesive to stick it. Finally clamp them with some plastic bands to hold in place . That was my good memories during the restoration.









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Kats, thank you for your kind words.

Heyitsrama, the diameter of the hoop/tubes are just over 19mm


There is a photo of the feet removed.


7tooZ, the reproduction rubber foot grip I had CAD drawn from an original, the 3D printed in plastic. For me, the look was much more important than being in the right material. Now, most owners won't use their footrests as much as when originally fitted, as the cars are much more covetted. Your footrest hoop would have to be that diameter, is it?

I sold restored footrest to a member here, maybe if he is looking, he can say what he think to my replacement foot grip.

I am out of these foot grips, so if there was going to production run, I could look at a group buy. No, I don't know what the last lot cost, as I cancelled the order, but they still came to me, for free! Yes, I made them in two halves, otherwise how do you ge them on...



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Soo. sorry for my late reply on this topic.
1) The one i got was claimed to come from a 260Z 2+2 by the original seller, but the European parts fiche says it's actually the same part number as used in the 240Z
If you look close at the bottom of the following picture, you can see it's marked with up to "08/74" = August 1974.

2) I took some additional pictures of those rivets. I think the footrest is completely original down to the bolts, rivets and paint. Which was also told to my by the original owner:

Not sure if this should be a straight 90° angle and was bent, or if it's this shape from the factory to fit the original floorpans shape? Will have to confirm this on my car...DSC_0800-Kopie.jpg


3) If you ever make another batch of those rubber-pieces, please let me know. This would be excellent to refurbish my footrest back to original condition...


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