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    Datsun 240Z, 2/1971, HLS30-21344, 905 red, all original, no restauration, first owner Mr Dick Friese , near Altlanta GA, who knows him? Want to get in contact with him ..

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  1. So nice, Gott them already, thank you very mutch. They are in Florida and will be shipt to Germany next month.
  2. I did it with sandpaper 7BB6919F-C90B-4E26-8093-8390E6BDA808.MOV
  3. I Made ist with Sandingpaper, now it is ok ....... down from 3,5 to 2,6 mm ..... IMG_0180.MOV
  4. Sorry for my english,.... yes i did ... but not on this car. With Sandblasting i got the best results, but it is only an good idea when you strip the car totaly down. Any kind of rotating tool is a muck and the rust ist still there. I am working ower 35 years with the old metall of cars and bikes and believe me, i tried a lot of different tools to remove the "Rost".
  5. UM240


    No problem, they are secured to the roof😉
  6. the scootershop is in Germany ...... 😉, my results with rostdelete are better than every other possebility to rmove the rost without dird everywhere in the car ... look at my foors
  7. Hello, yes would call it so , here is a link to the german webside and a video i beleeve you can find the same in the US
  8. I take "rostdelete" , with best results , see the pictures from my 240z 1971.
  9. UM240

    Ulrich Meyer

    My 240Z 02.1971, originaly from Gorgia USA first owner antil 2014 . It´s the car from the Magazine , Classic Cars April 2017,
  10. Hi, what a great car. Have the same , Color in- and outside from 02.1971. It is original , just missing the original engine .😫 90% first paint and drove ist over 3500 miles this year. So keep it as it is and have a lot of fun with the Z.
  11. The best place for the 240z
  12. Take the Retrosound, an old radiocase and the original faceplate of the original Radio, that´s what i did. It looks like an old radio (see pictures) 1. old radio 2. old radio without faceplate 3. new radio with the old faceplate IMG_1604.MOV