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  1. UM240

    Ulrich Meyer

    My 240Z 02.1971, from UK just arrived in Germany. It´s the car from the Magazine , Classic Cars April 2017,
  2. UM240

    Looking for a km/h speedometer!

    Great work, thank you moelk!!
  3. Oh, that´s greate i think, i will buy them. Thank you for the info. Perfect Uli from Germany
  4. But ... i have very good friends in orlando and my be we will visit them late 2018 so i will get them as handluggege back to europe
  5. Hi, i already bought the ones one the picture, but for a lot more here in Europe and yes, shipping is realy expensive. Thanks Uli
  6. Oh .... thanks for the informations.. i thin... then the normal iron cross from the 280zx will do ist
  7. Hallo, i bought an very original 240z dated 02.1971. Now i am looking for a set of alloys. So the 240z was never delivert with alloys from the Factory, they must be more or less out of this time. Over google i found a few pictures of theese: Are they from the 432, and only sold in japan? (1970/71) Where can i find them. Best gegards from Germany
  8. UM240



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