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  1. I had a similar problem with the driver's side and was able to get used parts from zcarsource.com Peter
  2. Hi Guy, I'd like to join you, but I wouldn't be competitive with you two! Eiji is almost finished with my car, and I'll be posting details after I've had a chance to drive it. My goals were modest, so I kept the L24 block and crank, bored to 86 mm with DSI forged pistons. Following your advice, I used a P79 head modified as you have except for a less aggressive cam. Balanced and blueprinted of course, with ztherapy carbs. Aluminum radiator too. Peter
  3. Guy, Tell us about the engine in yours. Peter
  4. An alternative that adds a really sleek look are these spark plug wires offered by Datsun Spirit. I've seen these on many cars and they're on my list. https://datsunspirit.com/shop/dsi-spark-plug-wires-2/ Peter
  5. Had the same new content problem. Mike fixed it remotely. Peter
  6. Steve and Robert, Thanks for the thorough description of the process. The engine from my 73 is being rebuilt at Datsun Spirit now, and after almost 42 years it seems prudent to rebuild the fuel pump too. If I understand correctly, I need a pump with 271070 on the lower casting. Correct? How do I know if the a pump has the dual layer diaphragm that you illustrate? Also, isn't it possible that the gaskets have dried out, or may tear when disassembling the NOS pump? Peter
  7. I did this swap a few years ago and have this advice: 1) Disassemble the motor and clean the inside. Mine was full of dirt, grease and metal particles. 2) Make sure that your ducts have tight connections. I used black duct tape to seal the connections. Even after doing this, I really didn't get much of an increase in airflow. Perhaps my motor was worn, so I'd appreciate comments from others who've made this swap. Peter
  8. I used Dynamat everywhere and added half-inch Dynapad on the floors and quarter-inch Dynaliner on the trans tunnel. These two additional steps made a huge difference in noise and heat reduction.
  9. I bought Art's bracket for my 73 too. It's the perfect solution and I highly recommend it. Peter
  10. Thanks Mitchell. This is a new driveshaft that I got from MSA but it won't hurt to check.
  11. Coastal Man, Tell me a little more about your symptoms. Exactly what do I do with the driveshaft; I'm not sure that I completely understand. Peter
  12. This is an R180 that I got from eBay last year. It was inspected and new seals were installed by Eiji at Datsun Spirit.
  13. I'll check the exhaust. All six u-joints, including the driveshaft, have been changed. Didn't help!
  14. Mixelplix, Your description sounds like what I'm experiencing. My symptoms start at 60 mph and increase with vehicle speed and I've been afraid to drive it over 70. If the gear backlash is adjusted is it likely that there will be gear whine or other noise caused by the worn ring and pinion?
  15. Is there any way to check the diff without replacing it?
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