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  1. View Advert R200 280 Pinion Gear Set Looking for 280Z R200 pinion gear set. Original final drive. Advertiser JagoBlitz Date 05/09/2022 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 0 Model 280Z  
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    Looking for 280Z R200 pinion gear set. Original final drive.


  3. Another 280Z owner told me that his rocker arms and all rocker arms he ordered from Nissan had this parallelogram on them.
  4. Hello, i disassembled my L28 cylinder head yesterday and I was wondering why my rocker arms are not all marked the same. Are these original Nissan rocker arms or were they already replaced by a previous owner? Thank you for your help. JagoBlitz
  5. Ah, okay. So I am only half-blind. Thank you.
  6. Where can I find this in the Service Manual? I think I am blind.
  7. You have an air dam for the 260/280Z (3125) We have problems with the one for the 240Z (3124).
  8. I already used a heat gun, but this only helped a little bit. Acc. to MSA the air dams used to be a lot more flexible in the past. I guess they changed the PU compound without testing what would happen to the fitment.
  9. Well, in my opinion it's a shame what Xenon delivers here. I even had a crack at the bottom of the air dam, but Xenon did not really care. It is the customer's job to repair it... They are not interested in improving the product or the package it comes in.
  10. I bought my air dam last year and I have the exact same problem. Unfortunately, grannyknot's case does not seem to be an exception...
  11. I will disassemble the rear supension in the next couple of days... then I can compare.
  12. I have the ones in the center of your photo and they are different.
  13. Hi, I just removed the front suspension and steering from my 1977 280Z. Afterwards, I found a washer with following dimensions: Inner Diameter: 12mm Outer Diameter: 40mm Thickness: 9mm I am in the process of a complete tear-down so that I can send the body away for blasting. It could be possible that this part does not belong to the front suspension, but I'm pretty sure that it was not on the floor when I started the disassembly. Does anybody know where this belongs to? Thank you. Jagoblitz
  14. Thank you very much. If I cannot get the complete connectors I can at least try to get new crimp contacts and reuse the connector housings. I am not a big fan of cutting the wires behind the old connectors and soldering them to a new harness.
  15. Hello, ist there a list of connectors which were used in the Fairladies? I would like to build a complete new harness and if it is possible I would like to do that with the original-style connectors. Does anybody know the manufacturers and respective connector series that were used? That would really help my search. I know that I can get some of the connectors at http://www.vintageconnections.com/, but I live in Germany and would like to source the parts locally or at least inside the EU. Thank you very much. JagoBlitz
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