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  1. Oh my my, I thought that my thread was dead in July, but was resurrected in September. I was even checking it. Cuz I was out of country where has no internet access. At least where I stayed (my parents house) My Z had triple 40mm Solex on 2.8L stock+Header+Exhaust (unknown pace setter looking after market)+R180 small rear end. It was great on freeway. It sounded great. But it reved up like caw. It hasted accelerating on lower rpm. Now it has 4bolts SUs on rebuilt 2.4L stock+Header&Exhaust from motorsportauto.(Brand new! The coated one!)+R200 after market 4:44 LSD. It is complete opposite side of set up. It rev up like it is supposed to. It has great pick ups. No Hondas can’t beat my Z at signal. I am very happy with the performance. It just doesn’t have the “look” of triple set up, and sound.
  2. Hi I am new to this Z community. I've seen and heard about Rebello 3.0 /3.1 stroker. Is this the ultimate NA L-6 engine for Z? What's so special about it? What's the daily drivablity? Might be making complete fool out of myself. But gotta ask.
  3. Today I washed dirt off my Solex Solex Solex with Cleaner. And then I found out that it was not PHH it was ADDHE. Solex C.40 ADDHE. This is shocking. They are commonly used for Lancia and Alfa Romeo. Italian carbs for Italian cars.... I am doomed. There was a guy posting a question about difference between PHH and ADDHE. Noone replied... But my Z was running with them before!
  4. I found a memeber. He has 240z with triple Mikuni. He might be able to guide me! He is ZIII! He has triple Mikuni for 23 years. He never has problem! He tried Hitachi, SU befor Mikuni. I found a memeber. He has 240z with triple Mikuni. He might be able to guide me! He is ZIII! He has triple Mikuni for 23 years. He never has problem! He tried Hitachi, SU befor Mikuni. Look. By the way how do you all past images here? http://www.classiczcars.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=13208&cat=500&page=1
  5. "you do NOT have Mikuni/Solex pph 40mm, You have European Solexes. Your carbs are from a Mercedes, fitted to a nissan L-6 manifold." Finally someone could identify the secret root of my SolexSolexSolex.... What?!!... Mine is NOT?!!! Not Mikuni/Solex? (I already knew.) or Not phh? (That I didn't know!) They are not phh sidedraft?!! They are not performance carbs?!! They are for Mercedez?!!! This one hurts me big time.... I don't know where in the world ex-owner got these from. I still remember his name. Some of you might know about him. I wish I could mention his name here. He used to live N. Hollywood CA. MyZ used to be Orange w/Black BRE style stripes. Does someone recognize this??? If any of you have an good idea whom I am talking about. Please send me private email. I cannot locate the guy.
  6. Hi I was considering Monza just because of the two pipes looks. Don't they look cool? Then I called BritishVicotria, ask them diameter of the exhaust. They told me it was less than 2 inch. It was a girl I was talking to. So I decided to go for MotorSports exhaust insted since I wanted 2.5. Is is true that Monza's pipe is that small?
  7. It looks like "Akuma no Z" (Devil's Z?) in Japanese comic "Wangan midnight" Very sharp. Did you do the body work yourself?
  8. Please take look at my Avatar. This is the latest picture of my SolexSolexSolex. As you can see here they are put back together, and dirty again. As a matter of fact, I have Mikuni Manuals in English and Japanese. I bought them and read them so that I could at least put them back together. But I still have no clue how to tune all jets. I cannot even find new jets. I did all I could do for my part before I posted here! Maybe I was not clear. I want someone to tell me who can rebuid my SolexSolexSolex. Please Have a mercy on my SolexSolexSolex.
  9. What I learned so far from everyone is that I messed up pretty bad. For everyday driving with sock engine SU is suited better than SolexSolexSolex. It hurts. If you want to hurts me more please post your opinion. I would take it, and learn as hard lesson. But does anyone know anyone who can rebuild Solex??? There gatta be someone. Please the someone claim yourself.
  10. Hi I think that would be agreat if you could. My theme to Z is that keep the orignal design, but upgrade mechanically to the latest technology. Isn't that cool to see a stock looking z that beats all latest sports cars?
  11. I disassembled them, cleaned, put them back together. Now not working and dirty again.
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