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  1. Sorry gents for no recent updates. Long story short I haven't had time and let my projects go. Life with 4 young kids just got in the way. Arnie
  2. Need to know if you still have that 280Z power antenna. If, so does it work?



  3. Whatever you do don't let them keep your car. Keep it yourself, there is still a lot u can recover and reuse.
  4. I've got a series one body that you can have the front end on if you want to chop it at the firewall to fix yours.
  5. Get back to work on my Z's. My wife and I are trying to get a business off the ground and it's taken all of my time since October. Almost there though. Happy New Year! Arnie
  6. Do you have pics? How do you know it's beyond repair?
  7. Nice looking Z. My first Z was a 78'. It flew.
  8. Awesome job bud! Looking very sweet.
  9. Update: I went to a buddy's house a week or so ago and tried out his MIG with gas. It was superior to my Fluxcore. I received my Gas Conversion Kit and converted my fluxcore Lincoln Weldpak 100 to gas tonight. I purchased a tank of 75/25 from the local hardware store and played around with it. The difference between how easy the gas is versus fluxcore is night and day. With the fluxcore at the lowest setting for power and and different wire speeds I could not bridge the larger gaps in the panel and I would blow through the metal quite often. With the gas set between 12-15lbs , I could crank up
  10. The shift arm is connected to a switch on the tranny. There is a test that can be done to determine if this switch is bad or out of adjustment. Involves an ohmmeter. My chilton manual showed how to test it. It's not hard. Check your hardware to make sure nothing is bent on the tranny or connected to it.
  11. My worst was a brand new 2005 GMC Yukon XL. Burned a quart of oil every 3K from day one. Dumped new vehicles once and for all and bought a used Ford Excursion V10 and used F250 Diesel and have never had any issues with either. No more GM for me.
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