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  1. abas

    an R180 3.9???

    Guus didn't your car come via the UK? All 240z's in the UK had a 3.9 R180 as standard. Maybe the guy who sold it to you changed it? hope it helps Andrew
  2. abas

    Britsh Tourist Kills locals and a Zed.

    Nasty: condolences to their families for sure. Maybe they would have lived if they weren't driving a 25-30 year old car with almost no safety features. My wife refuses to ride in my z for this very reason.
  3. abas

    F1 Race @ Indy

    Interesting reading indeed. Thanks for posting that. Perhaps we will seeing history repeating itself like when Jean Marie Balestre was booted out of the presidency of the FIA because a lot of the big players in the sport had lost confidence in him, and replaced with Max Mosely.
  4. abas

    F1 Race @ Indy

    I am sure there will be pressure on the teams/FIA to at least try to run a US GP next year from the sponsors, some/all of whom are in F1 for exposure based on where the races are run. If all of a sudden there is no US GP surely some of the sponsors will be unhappy. Whether someone will throw shedloads of money at this to try and rescue it will be interesting to see. Perhaps the way to rescue this one will be for the breakaway series to try and run a GP in 2008. OK it may not be 'F1' as such but it will incorporate some/most of the existing teams and drivers, and hopefully be without the bureaucratic management and baggage of the old F1.
  5. abas

    F1 Race @ Indy

    Brett240 I think this refers to the ridiculous suggestion put forward by the FIA that the cars should drive 'slower' through turn 13 to save their tyres without a chicane having to be put in
  6. abas

    F1 Race @ Indy

    As a 'European' you will forgive me for being at least a little partisan. I agree the FIA et al have made a major blunder here but the series is already in the process of being broken up with the breakaway series due to start in 2008. Perhaps that is what will really kick Bernie and Max into touch - if they are still around. Well the series does still race on 18 circuits in 16 countries ( I think). I doubt many other series have a better claim to the title 'world championship' in that respect. And driving round and round an oval does demand lots of versatility does it? I would guess the percentage number of rich kids in formula 1 is probably not much different to the number of rich kids in Nascar and the like Yep I'd agree with that!!!! Anything is better than the blanket suggestion that Michelin are responsible for the whole debacle on Sunday. I have to say I don't really think that F1 and the US market has ever mixed very well. You have your own series' over there and F1 is just one of many. In Europe and a lot of the rest of the world F1 is the premier series.
  7. abas

    F1 Race @ Indy

    I don't think any promoters in the US will want to take on the US GP next year, unless they are going to do it as a loss leader. They'll almost have to give tickets away
  8. abas

    F1 Race @ Indy

    Apart from the understandably hacked off fans who were there and paid up for tickets/accomodation I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes old news fairly quickly as F1 supposedly barely registers in the US, the same as NASCAR and the like barely register in Europe. I am sure the lawsuits will be flying for a while to come though. It is not as if it was a money spinner for F1 as they were having to sell tickets at reduced rates to get the US public interested. So there might not be a US grand prix next year? So? There are plenty of other countries and circuits who are gagging to get a place on the F1 calendar, and who knows what will happen in 2008 when the 'breakaway' F1 series starts. But what a way to mess up the organisation of a grand prix. Whilst none of the possible solutions ( chicane, tyres from Spanish GP) would have been perfect within the rules ANY of them would have been better than what happened yesterday. By the way I don't think it is good enough to blame Michelin. It is not as if they dumped this on the teams at one hours notice. There were a number of solutions that could have been tried that would have resulted in a race with a full grid but the politics got in the way.
  9. abas

    Part Swaping

    280zx radiator is taller than 240z item but can fit as long as you don't mind having it hanging down lower than the front radiator support panel where it is theoretically quite vulnerable to damage. You will also need to use the 280zx hoses. hope it helps Andrew
  10. abas

    MR2 or 240z-I have to choose :(

    Are you going to have to use the zed as a daily driver? Can't tell from your profile where you live but zed's don't make good winter cars, and rust like anything if there is salt on the road.
  11. abas

    DATSUN 240Z Euro Spec. Springs???

    Carl Whilst I cannot offer the comprehensive knowledge of some others here I can only say that UK springs require the 1 inch higher spring perch that you say the 'euro spec 2' springs do and that the 'euro spec 1' don't. So as far as I can tell the UK spec springs will not fit on any US car that has the (standard)lower spring perches. Andrew
  12. abas

    Off topic, Last of the M.G's.

    and they still market it like it is an English car, at least in the UK. Smart guys at BMW....
  13. abas

    USA members need help from the UK!

    I doubt they will be available from Nissan dealers over here( they don't stock anything for the older cars anymore) but I will check the part number with a UK Z specialist who gets things from Japan. Andrew
  14. abas

    Cleaning out the garage...

    Jon I should have said 'mickey mouse' refers to the shape of the float chambers, (like the Disney logo with Mickey's ears) not saying they are no good. Andrew
  15. abas

    Cleaning out the garage...

    those carbs look like a VERY early 1970 set as they seem to have the 'mickey mouse' float chamber lids.

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