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  1. The fact that the noid light is pulsing is a good sign on its own. Levels of brightness can vary depending on several factors, but I wouldn’t focus too much on that. Remember it will also be dimmer while cranking as you essentially drop from 12 to 9-10v. I’m assuming from your original post that you can physically see the injectors are not spraying fuel while cranking, but they are spraying when you jump each one over with the battery, correct? If so, I would verify the integrity of all grounds running to the ecu. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to verify harness integrity as well. Remember, even ju
  2. Ah ok, my bad granny, you did pretty well overall!
  3. Guess he missed the memo that he can work out his lower body as well
  4. I don’t have any experience with those brands, but honestly I haven’t been disappointed with just about any part I received that was made in Japan.
  5. I have a 280zxt that I painted grabber blue several years ago, and I used flat black to accent the color. I thought it helped the color pop. You could try painting the cowl panel off the car, then just placing it over the primer that it is now or a black, and if you don’t like it then you know to leave the cowl off when having the rest of the car painted. Oh and granny, I don’t know if all Texas classic cars are assumed to come from the western part (where it’s dry), but I can promise you the cars still love to rust over here...especially in Houston where he is. It’s fun
  6. They are a legitimate company, but they’re just exercising typical business practices...buy as cheap as possible and sell for as much as possible...hence why their first offer was so low. You would get more if you just clean up what you can, take many pictures of the “important areas”, and be willing to handle several people wanting to buy the car. You shouldn’t have a problem getting more than $11,500, the Beverly Hills place would probably list it for at least double what they offered you.
  7. I disagree, he’s just stating that an L25 is most likely a bored over L24 (assuming it’s not a typo) in the same sense that L29, L31, etc is simply a modified L28.
  8. Bendpaks are great lifts, but they do sit the car up a little higher than some of the low profile lifts marketed for car stacking. I don’t have any first hand experience with car stacker lifts, but I can say to make sure you have all your measurements down (and then measure again), and know exactly how high the roofline will be using “x” lift. You’ll want to take the measurement from the highest point on the concrete in the garage, because if it isn’t plum level then the lift will need to be shimmed on the corners that sit lower, adding to the total height. And if there’s a drastic rake in the
  9. I guess that’s why everyone’s afraid to buy one with a sunroof.
  10. The orange one seemed like a bargain compared to this https://www.ebay.com/itm/1972-Datsun-240Z/224263144994?hash=item3437200622:g:HPAAAOSw3ZFfyTd8
  11. 2 posts are still handy for doubling your parking spot, but since the suspension hangs while the car is lifted, I would prefer a 4 post for long term storage...though either can be used
  12. Actually a 2 post is the only lift I’ve used to work on my motorcycle...just swing two arms underneath a good lift point on the frame and I’m golden. My vote would be a 2 post...they’re cheaper, take up less physical space, and allow you to do more repairs, easier, than a 4 post. A 4 post does have its benefits, such as if you were to park a car on it for storage while parking another underneath, it does a better job of that than a 2 post. Otherwise from a practicality standpoint, 2 post wins hands down.
  13. I know the market is hot for these right now, but I’d be pretty surprised if you would be able to get $100k even after a total restore. Heck, if you can get $50k for it as is then you should just jump on that in a heartbeat. This one is pretty close to what you have, though in better condition and still a reliable daily driver, and sold for low $40k https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1970-datsun-240z-51/ From the few pictures I’ve seen, your Z looks to be in mostly good condition for its age, and is a good candidate for light restoration / repair, but I think the visible rust
  14. Hah, you’re right. I just looked at the companion flange and guess for some reason my brain auto-filled a monkey motion shifter. Can’t say I’ve come across that style yet, but I’m sure someone else on here has.
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