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  1. all he said was he’d send cashiers check or wire transfer it and would do it today. it’s weird though first offered me $5500 and then i told him i have offers almost double and then told me $11,500. I think you’re right though i might get it cleaned up better and fix a few small issues with it.
  2. yah i need to take some good photos of it i just don’t have a lift or anything to show underneath the best. idk if the majority of BAT vehicles are usually in great condition and are expected so kind of like the big name auction houses like Mecum. i got a quote from the beverly hills car club in california and they said 11,500 and would buy it right now. but i don’t know how legit that place is. i seen they are the ones selling the super beat up and rusted out datsun on ebay though.
  3. when i get home i’ll throw some more pictures up as well. the build date is 1/71 i’ll get everything else as well
  4. Good afternoon everyone not sure where to post this but i am just curious to what you guys think my 71 240z series 1 value would be? i see prices all over the place and contemplating selling it because we might be moving in the next 6 months or so and i don’t have a truck or trailer to haul it anywhere and i could use the money. original L24 4 speed runs and drives but i think the carbs need tuning or rebuilt as it sputters a bit. brakes need bled but the car was previously restored. minimal surface rust on the body, the car still looks fairly good at least to me. interior is in nice shape other then the common dash being cracked. Thank you guys for everything and i appreciate your help
  5. yes it is ! now i just gotta adjust the carbs. crappy thing is i won’t even be able to work on it since i’ll be away for a couple months.
  6. another update just back into town after about two weeks since last time i started it and it fired up no problems!! IMG_4143.MOV
  7. so i installed the original keyosan denki fuel pump i picked up. i primed the fuel system the way i did before by blowing back on the return line to fill up the fuel filter. started up and drove it around the block for couple minutes and let it idle for about 20 minutes. shut the car off let it sit for 3-4 hours went back outside and the fuel filter was still filled with fuel. started it up no problems starting. we will see if it stays that way while i’m gone for a few days
  8. installed the tank with new evap hoses and put a fuel filter right off the tank , swapped out the wires and still don’t start. i have no idea what to do anymore
  9. never mind probably not what you’re looking for
  10. dang good thing i didn’t do the red kote yet . i’m letting it dry out now. after that last acetone it does look just barely better. i think that sealant in there now isn’t gonna come out unless i take to a radiator shop but i’m gonna run with it way it is now. i blew through all the hose lines on the tank and could hear solid air throughout all of them.
  11. i think u might be right, and i’m pretty certain there’s no pin holes. i’m hesitant to do redcoat then make it worse . i can’t get that remaining previous sealant i believe is what it is to come off any better. i don’t know if the red kote will stick to the old stuff real good or not
  12. i think i’m just gonna run one last thing of acetone and let it dry good then do red kote and let sit for a week until i get done working on the mustache bar and u joint
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