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  1. so i installed the original keyosan denki fuel pump i picked up. i primed the fuel system the way i did before by blowing back on the return line to fill up the fuel filter. started up and drove it around the block for couple minutes and let it idle for about 20 minutes. shut the car off let it sit for 3-4 hours went back outside and the fuel filter was still filled with fuel. started it up no problems starting. we will see if it stays that way while i’m gone for a few days
  2. installed the tank with new evap hoses and put a fuel filter right off the tank , swapped out the wires and still don’t start. i have no idea what to do anymore
  3. never mind probably not what you’re looking for
  4. dang good thing i didn’t do the red kote yet . i’m letting it dry out now. after that last acetone it does look just barely better. i think that sealant in there now isn’t gonna come out unless i take to a radiator shop but i’m gonna run with it way it is now. i blew through all the hose lines on the tank and could hear solid air throughout all of them.
  5. i think u might be right, and i’m pretty certain there’s no pin holes. i’m hesitant to do redcoat then make it worse . i can’t get that remaining previous sealant i believe is what it is to come off any better. i don’t know if the red kote will stick to the old stuff real good or not
  6. i think i’m just gonna run one last thing of acetone and let it dry good then do red kote and let sit for a week until i get done working on the mustache bar and u joint
  7. it’s hard i took it to pressure wash again nothing even came out tried to scrape it with the metal end. guess i’m just gonna run one last thing of acetone and let it dry out and red kote it. idk what else to do other then drive a couple hours each way and drop it off at a radiator shop
  8. i’ve pressure washed, acetoned 3 times , 3 baking soda rinses , muriatic acid , not in order but in total and it don’t look much better then it originally did. i feel like i’m just wasting time and money . i’ll try pressure washing one last time
  9. that’s what i originally did before i did everything . i took it to the car wash pressure washed everything . did muriatic acid , baking soda , acetone. idk if i should even try to use red kote after it dries because idk if it’ll stick to what’s left
  10. i noticed there’s bubbles and stuff at the bottom of the tank , idk what it is if it’s still the other sealant
  11. i let everything soak for about 15 minutes and tumbled everything around . how long should i let it dry for with the heat gun in it ?
  12. this is after the muriatic acid , soda and water mixture, and acetone . still wet now but i think it looks better then it did
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