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  1. I bought a 1976 280z that was in rough shape and way beyond my skillsets but used it as a parts car for a few items for my 240. The wife is complaining about having two Datsuns in the garage (as if you could have too many) so I want to part out the car as much as possible before it goes to the crusher. It has: Complete L28- has not run and not sure of the condition outside of visuals. If you want specific engine parts, I can probably pull em for you (within reason lol). All glass - windshield, rear hatch, side windows fixed and roller All Interior trim- in surprisingly good condition- even the vinyl for things like trans tunnel and wheel hubs Intact dashboard with gauges/vents/ etc - Dash needs a lot of work and is in rough shape. Will need a full cap or a lot of crack fixing. Seats- will need to be recovered but springs and foam are OK Differential Tail Lights and exterior surround- pretty good shape, but will need a coat of paint from sun fading. All suspension parts- usual surface rust. Spicy Edit: I also have the front clip to a 240. It's *most of the assembly from the strut-tower forward. It does NOT have: Transmission or components Exhaust components Body panels- Florida car that sat outside so nothing is salvageable without practically building from scratch I really want to keep as much from the scrap heap and give back to the community so no reasonable offer will be refused. Hell- if you're interested in a part that's too rough of condition or it *might* work for what you need, I'll just give it to you if you want to cover shipping from Orlando. If you're in the area, you can always swing by and grab what you want! PM me with any requests and I can snap some pics of what you're interested in/ send them back. Thanks!
  2. HLS30-12385 So I'm thinking it was sold as a '71 even though the door tag says 10/70?
  3. The hood and front fenders need a total respray. The tail light panel was also color matched in 1985 for whatever reason, but that's something I can easily fix myself. The rest of the car is in relatively nice shape so with a detailed polish I think I can turn this from a 30 footer to a 10 foot car with no issue haha
  4. Taking some time this weekend to do a full "inspection" of the car and determining a course of action. So far, there's no rust that I can find but that may change as I pull panels. I had the idea that I wanted to do a full restoration from the ground up, but that type of undertaking may be beyond me... and I want to be on the road, not in my garage for the next two years. That said, the car is in really great shape so I think for now it's getting it running then focusing on updating the suspension / brakes, new paint / bodywork as needed, wheels & tires, and maybe a 5MT swap from the 280 I have sitting. It feels like a crime to remove the original transmission but 🤷‍♂️
  5. Haha yeah, the 2nd garage is mine (although it needs to be cleaned out).
  6. Thanks to everyone for all the advice and assistance. The car just got delivered yesterday and everything went super smooth. My Datsun shared the 1800 mile journey with a Mclaren 570s bound for Sarasota- so it was in good company. Here are some pics of the move and it sitting safely in my garage.
  7. That's a good call. Hopefully, the drums are not fully seized. The 280z that I bought was outdoors for the past few years and was filled with broken snake eggs. I didn't think anything of it until I heard my wife screaming because a 4" corn snake had managed to leave the car and get into our dining room after a few weeks of living in the garage.
  8. I am fortunate enough to have been gifted a Series 1 (1971 I think ) 240z. Without boring you with a novel, this car belongs to my Great Aunt who has been holding onto it since my Great Uncle died in the 1990s. He was the original owner, but towards the end of his life he was unable to enjoy the car so it sat for some time until he passed. Since then it has been sitting dormant in a barn on their property- probably for at least the past 25 years or so. She has wanted the car to go to a family member and informed me of its existence when I casually mentioned to her that I had bought a '76 280z a few months ago to restore. The 280z needs a TON of fab work and, quite frankly, I made the same mistake that most new Z owners do by biting off way more than I can chew or reasonably repair with my tools/skillsets. So, after asking her "ARE YOU SURE??" about a million times I told her that I would love to have it and that it would live on happily with me. 😀 From what I can see / what she has told me, the car was bought right around the end of '70 or '71. It has roughly 40k miles on the odometer and is an Automatic. I posted some pictures on r/Datsun over on Reddit and was told to post here since there's more knowledge and activity on this forum. So here's where I need help: I'm flying out to her place in the midwest to have the car put on a truck and sent to FL where I live. It currently does not run. Are there specific things that I should do to the car to get it ready to ship? It'll need to be put in neutral to roll and the rear drums may need to be freed, but outside of that, any advice you can offer would be appreciated. The shipping company I've contracted with will be putting it in an enclosed trailer for the ~1800 mile journey and has a winch to pull it if needed. I was also looking around online and came across a build/equipment list for chassis and engine/transmission combinations which says that Series 1 240s were only offered with an AT for a short period of time. Is that correct and does anyone know what months/years? That will help me narrow down the paint color between 905 and 110 since I don't have access to the car until I go get it. It'll also dictate more of what I do with the car. My original plan for the 280 I bought was a resto-mod with flares, t3 Suspension, and an engine swap. Since this thing looks to be in good condition and may be rarer than I thought- I may have to keep it as original as possible out of respect for the car. Thanks in advance. So anyway, here are some pics she sent me:
  9. Jem2749


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