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  1. My mechanic definitely thinks of them as more of a racing carb. He never said anything about swapping them out. That's more the feeling I get after reading about them being hard to tune, and making some other inferences about "racing" carbs. I was under the impression they are not good for stop and go, daily driving. I have not had the opportunity to drive this much. I've had it for a couple years, but I've been taking care of some other issues--fuel lines, gas tank leak, alternator and a few electrical problems. I finally had this on the road the other day for a test drive, and it just didn't feel right to me--really puttering at low RPMs, and stalled when I was pulling into a parking place. He's working on the valves now, but maybe I'm just overthinking this. So, correctly tuned these should be fine for a daily driver? I should add, this only has a 4-speed tranny. I'm thinking of swapping it for a 5.
  2. A few years ago I found the completely rust-free, orange 240 Z of my dreams. (This is the third Z that I've owned but my first 240.) It had been sitting in barn since about 1992, about 700 miles right after the previous owner swapped the engine for a 28L with a 4-speed and rebuilt it with Mikuni carbs. I have fun working on the interior, some chassis work, electronics and other "soft" stuff, but I turn to my mechanic to get this thing running right. The problem is, I bought this because of the rust-free unmodified body, but I've never had any intention to race this thing. In fact, I really just want something fun to tool around on nice days. So, I now realize that these Mikuni carbs are probably not the best choice--especially at the lower end. Is there a way he can modify or tune them to make this car drive better and more reliably for my use? Will this car ever be good for the way I want to drive around the city? Should I swap out the Mikunis for a stock carb set up? Is fuel injection an option? I know this talk is probably pains some of you to even hear--but I want this Z to be a little more practical for my needs. Thanks for your help.
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