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  1. I was in the garage working on my Jeep, looked over to the Z with all the dust on it and thought "I've got to get this sold".. Much as I hate to do it the sweet Z must go. I've had it since 1981 but haven't done anything with it for at least 5 years. I'm getting too old and enjoy offroading too much to do any justice with the Z. Will be a bad day when it goes from my life - just love that car to pieces.
  2. A sad day indeed. Even though it was almost 3 years ago it brought me to tears. I haven't been on this site for a while but I was planning another trip to the Northwest and was trying to contact Enrique to plan a visit with him. Now that won't happen for some time. I could kick myself in the arse for not thinking about seeing him back a few years ago when I was up there. RIP Enrique. Bill
  3. Hey Dale,


    You don't live very far from me - we should compare notes on the Z.  I also have a 71.

    I live off Tarpon Springs Rd.



    1. djwarner


      I live in New Port Richey. Yes let's get together. My email is djwarner@earthlink.net

  4. Hey there Scanlon,

    Twice in the past 2 years I've been traveling in your area and never took the time to visit - so sorry. My daughter now lives in Portland (across the river from you) and I've not been visiting this site for a while.  I've got a Jeep also now I'm in to offroading sooooooo....

    Ill be coming to Portland sometime in April for my new granddaughter's arrival.  Hopefully I'll get some time to visit if you wouldn't mind.

    Still have the Z but I think it's time to sell. Just don't have the time anymore.  We travel from Florida 6 months out of the year all over but mostly to the Northwest (Bremerton and Portland).

    Still I'd like to visit if OK?  Just let me know.



    1. Mike


      Miss you, Enrique!

  5. I'm getting set to sort of retire soon and haven't done anything with the Z for a long time. I'm more in to off-roading now and may sell my 71. Photos in my gallery... thoughts?
  6. I am a bad boy! I intended to post up these photos shortly after the event in Daytona. I was labeling each with owner names. Sometime later before completing the task my computer crashed. All this time I thought the photos were gone forever. My wife found them (copy) on her drive. Sooooo...as soon as a moderator approves them they will be available under my name (billcapp) in the ZCCA folder unless the mod is kind enough to provide a direct link (hint, hint). If I come across the notebook with the info as to whos car is whos I will add the info later (promise not in two or three years). Please enjoy and don't be afraid to add your name to the photo if you see yours!
  7. billcapp


    Sure enjoyed your masterpiece at the show!
  8. billcapp


    Why the Turbo valve cover?
  9. I've pondered bringing my Z for many months but I think it is not show worthy, but I'll be there and taking a full load of photos.
  10. )... and the second picture is me on the left... Carl understands with age comes dyslexia!
  11. billcapp


    I'll bet it's fast!
  12. After I take my baby out for a little spin and my wife asks "How did it run?", with a smile I think of how I really drove it (fast) and I reply " Still hums like a sewing machine." He He He
  13. Welcome to the site. As I also have a 71 that has every bolt touched I know her pretty well. If I can ever help just PM me. Sorry about the snow job in your part of the woods. Have a nice Christmas. Bill
  14. I'm looking for a good hatch- photos and price?
  15. I have had minor problems with running a little warm, added AC and need to cool better. Changed radiator, changing AC compressor to newer style, adding fan shroud to improve my 71.
  16. Welcome Laura... Maybe we'll see you at the big show coming to Orlando.
  17. billcapp

    My vanity plate

    Bill just likes the frame!
  18. billcapp

    Vanity Plates--AWSM 73Z

    I really like the Z motiff
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