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Mrs Chino 240Z

Mrs Chino 240Z

Chino 240Z

Best friend, ICU Nurse, Wife, Mother of 3, and driver of our 71 240Z road racecar, Cindy has always been my partner in crime when it comes to playing with cars. Looking for another car project we remembered the fun we had with previous owned 72- 240Z and a 76- 280 2+2 Z cars. It wasn’t hard for her to convince me to pack the kids and drive 9hrs. to look at this 71 240Z. With some upgrades, changes, and elbow grease we were able to get this Z back onto the track in about a year. Having been a fan of racing but never actually driven on a racetrack, but it quickly became an addictive hobby. Cindy not wanting to be another aimless female driver soon matched and even beat my best lap times. We try to get to the track at least once a month. The car has lots of track goodies, suspension, roll cage, fire suppression system, fuel cell and other race requirements. It retains the stock 2.4L motor with an E31 head, Isky Stage II race cam, Z-Therapy modified SU carbs, MSD & Pertronix ignition, NISMO header, and other parts, to add some Bling Bling under the hood. I have only 1 rule to follow according to Cindy- “No wrenching on the Z while she is at work at the hospital, with out her.” She claims 51% ownership as I claim the other 51% ownership. I am lucky to have a wife that calls to pick up car parts on the way home from work, instead of bread and milk. For 19th yr. anniversary she asked for a fiberglass hood and rear hatch, NO flowers or dresses. Done deal! It is funny to see Vett and Porsche owners looks when they find out they were passed by a girl in an old Datsun 240Z on the track. Life doesn’t get much better than this. I’m a lucky man.

Your Friend,


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While there are other poses that might be considered Sexier, Alluring, etc., in my opinion THIS shot outdoes them all.

It captures the uniqueness of the Z, the beauty of it's lines, the speed, and most importantly, the feeling of ...YEAH! That's one HOT car!.

Cindy is absolutely excellent in this shot. She doesn't need to bare all in order to capture your eye. Just the fact that she is in her OWN racing clothing says more than anything you could say.

With only ONE vote to give, it will be a TOUGH decision......


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The story got my vote more than anything. You are truly blessed to have such a wife that shares as she does. Certainly worth my vote!

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Tough contest to only put one vote forward but it was the balanced story that complemented the excellent all round presentation of this partner and car that edged this photo to the fore in helping me vote for this entry.

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Thanks for the nice comments and votes people :D

There are some very nice entries with their cars too. Cheers.

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Hmmm....wish I had two votes....you must have submitted this after voting had already started, somehow I missed it. Excellent picture, and hey....all the information in your description sounds ready for print in the magazine.

Oh....and about the sexy and alluring comments, I am not sure that is what this contest is all about, but in my opinion, this is the most sexy and alluring picture submitted thus far. Two awesome ladies there. Good luck!!

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