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    I am the original owner of a 1976 - 280Z, the car has 49.5K miles and is in very good condition. It is the original color and has a front air dam and a rear spoiler with louvers over the rear window.

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  1. Hay, Roberts280z I am an original owner of a 1976 280Z. my car as of now is in the garage under a cover waiting for the weather to turn nice here in Pittsburgh. I did take it to the ZCCZ event that was in Cleveland in 2008 and did happen to meet a few of the gents on the forum. My car has 52K original miles, I mostly take the car to the different car curses around the Burg during the summer.
  2. I have on my original Appliance 14 inch wheels that I purchased with the car in 1976 the BGGoodrich Radial TA in 205 - 14 - 70. I don't autocross or drive the car hard and they look period correct for the car.
  3. My car 11/75 - is a 76 model year as well has a diagonal Datsun emblem. I am the original owner and still have the car.
  4. The a in the circle by the word max stands for appliance, the center caps should have that a in the midde, very hard to find centers.
  5. The wheels are 14 inch with 205 - 70 tires, Appliance is the brand I purchased them when I bought the car in 1976. Cost me $75 then. Don't know off set. Thanks.
  6. Wishing my 1976 - 11/75 a happy 45th birthday, don't know what actual day it was born. I ordered it in December of 75 and picked it up in early March of 1976. Putting it away for the winter, it didn't get much drive time this year, all the car shows were canceled. Hopefully they will be back next year.
  7. Chas, I'm the original owner of 11/75 made 1976 280z and mine did not have a fan shroud, I did not get the AC. So I think the shroud came with the AC package.
  8. I have the same on my 11/75 made 1976 280, they probably came from a later 260 and you have an early 260.
  9. I go to a lot of car shows here in Pittsburgh on the weekends, I am usually the only Z of any kind and most times the only foreign car. On Saturday I attended a show held by the local aeronautics school at the county airport. The control tower is the main building and is't an art deco design so I photographed the car in front of it. Hope you like,
  10. siteunseen, that photo you are talking about was taken at least 6 years ago. It was in the center of what is PPG office buildings, it was a car show on a Wednesday that is held in conjunction with the Pittsburgh grand prix that is held here every July. They have different location's throught the city to park cars. It's a great time to show off cars at different areas in the city and to people that would not normally go to car show.
  11. jfa, really nice looking car and group, really like the green one though, kinda partial to green.?
  12. First car show of the year for me. 55 degrees sunny and windy but a nice day with over 400 cars on the main street of the little town of Irwin just east of Pittsburgh. I was the only Z car of the bunch. I usually am, not many of the early Z around the Pittsburgh area. I did talk to a couple of gents that owned Z's but did not bring them, they both said there cars were not worthy to show at the time.
  13. just a heads up the front side marker lights are on wrong. The need to be rotated 180 degrees. Sorry, i'm just picky about correctness.
  14. The 1975 - 2+2 was at the Pittsburgh Grand Prix last summer in July. It was in great shape, was purchased just prior to the July car show from the original owner who was from around Oil city that is north east of Pittsburgh. The car had around 19K miles at that time. I also saw the car listed on Bring a Trailer for around 19K last November or December if I remember right. I think it sold on BAT for around 19 to 20K. When I the car was here in Pittsburgh the engine bay was very rough with a lot of Zebart undercoating all over it.
  15. on my 76 - 280 the drivers door handle broke just like yours and I moved it over to the passengers side and the the passengers side to the drivers side. Took about 2 hrs. to do, hardest part was putting the nuts back on. Good luck.
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