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Parts Wanted: Mounting bracket for NISMO electric fuel pump


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Mounting bracket for NISMO electric fuel pump

I want to put a NISMO fuel pump on my early-run '72 but my car did not come with the bracket to mount the pump.  I understand this part was standard from the '73 model onwards.  The photos show you what it generally looks like and where it's mounted by the rear diff.

Living in Ohio, there are probably few to no early Zcars in boneyards anywhere near me.  So I'm asking any of you sunny-weather types who have access to lots of early models to let me know if you would pull one for me.  My option is to fabricate one myself and I have quite enough to do already.

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On 12/20/2023 at 6:38 PM, Seppi72 said:

@SteveE There may or may not be pre-drilled holes in the subframe - I need to look at my car tomorrow - but, regardless, Makita makes an awesome drill for just such occasions.

Yes, there are holes pre-drilled in the frame.  I found mine over the summer -- behind the passenger rear wheel and near the tank.  Sorry can't find the pic.



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