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  1. A track full of "Jaws" characters!
  2. Is this for real? About half way through I started to laugh my arse off once I figured out the Jaws reference and really watched that guy. His bike looks like a Honda 50 from the 70's☺️ and his style is way different also. Pretty cool tho.
  3. Here is where the other end of the long hose from the tank attaches.
  4. 1/2" elbow and 1/2 street elbow with 2 short sections of 1/2 pipe for the hose to slide unto. 5/8" hose.
  5. Getting ready to put my refurbished fuel tank back in, wondering if I need any sealant on the filler tube to tank connection? 1972 240Z
  6. @RIP260Z Would it be possible to send along the detailed mounting instructions. Thanks Steve
  7. Ian Sorry I did not see this when first posted. "I sold restored footrest to a member here, maybe if he is looking, he can say what he think to my replacement foot grip." I believe I am that member. Ian's restored footrest is beautiful, although I have not installed it yet, it still looks great in the box :) The ribbed portion is perfect. Thanks again Steve
  8. In the drawing above, where does hose #18 go/attach to?
  9. Thanks for the link. i have checked that out before and will use that method for the grommet portion if I can not get a grommet. As far as I know you can not get just the roller. I have checked some generic rollers and have not found any that will work.
  10. In need of one plastic roller and rubber grommet for my broken regulator. Regulator is in great condition except for the broken roller and missing grommet. Hopping someone has a bad regulator that they can remove the roller & grommet from. Pictures show the story. I will Pay. Roller removal only takes about 2 minutes. Thanks!
  11. I love the matte! You could change it later if you had to.
  12. Looks Great! How about the big picture. (a shot showing everything at once) Also more detail on the wire holders. Thanks
  13. Hi Garrett Thanks for the pictures. I would like to buy the hood. Have to work out the logistics (have a brother in Marietta) Will get back to you tomorrow. Thanks Steve
  14. Hi Garrett Interested in the hood. What year is it from? Maybe a picture of the underside. Thank You Steve Englund 612-803-3150
  15. SteveE


    Just a very cool picture! Poster worthy
  16. Hi Richard Those are the female half of the snaps that snap the carpet to the firewall. Hopefully the male halfs are in place on the firewall. You need to fit the snaps to the carpet. Turn the carpet in your picture 90 degrees and put it on the drivers side.
  17. Spent the weekend at the Mitty. Great weather, Great cars, just an overall great time. I too was hoping to see the #3 car (Blue BRE 240Z). I was looking. Last saw this car at Elkhart Lake (Road America) about 10 years ago at the Brian Redman Vintage weekend. Was a beauty then (and FAST) hope it still is. I believe it was owned by Gerry Mason at that time. If anyone has information about that car it would be nice to know.
  18. How about not seeing two humps, but rather as one indent for the hand brake.
  19. Looks great! Thanks for sharing. Pretty cool that the buyer sent you the pictures. Reflects well on you.
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