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Parts Wanted: Lower Fan Shroud for 73 240z


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Lower Fan Shroud for 73 240z


Looking for the lower portion of the stock fan shroud for a 73 240Z  Pic in the add is actual a plastic one from a 260/280.  I'm looking for the metal one.  I really only need the lower half but would consider buying the complete shroud depending on price.  I already have the upper portion.

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Of course I could be wrong here, but I am pretty sure the 240 metal shroud has always been one piece metal. There were some one piece fiberglass ones sold aftermarket

The 260 - 280 was two piece plastic as you stated and show in the picture. 

That makes me interested to see the upper half you mentioned. 

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When I got the car it had only the top half of the metal shroud and it fits the radiator fine.  73 240Z.  I recently purchased a two piece plastic one from a 260 but it doesn't even come close to fitting.

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It appears that someone cut an OEM one piece shroud in half to make it easier to remove. Your top half looks identical to the upper part of the complete one I have. Purchased mine from a local Datsun dealership in the early eighties to help with a running hot issue. Here's a pic from before I started my resto.


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2 hours ago, z3beemer said:

Here are a few pics

The pictures do help with the analysis, As CantechZ says it looks like someone has cut it in half.😒 It also looks like you are missing the small guard that sits above the fan attached to the top center of the radiator. You can see it in Cantech's picture as well. 

Those full shrouds are hard to install, very tight fit. Perhaps that explains the copped off bottom. 

They do come up for sale from time to time. That's how I found mine, just lucky I guess. I have a fiberglass one as well. 

With the economy they way it is I see a lot of items for sale, high priced but being offered nonetheless.

Keep on the lookout. 

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Well, based on the input of the knowledgeable members of this form, it seems the original shroud on the 73 Z was a one piece metal shroud.  The one on my car appears that it was one piece at sometime and someone cut it to ease installation and removal.  Unfortunately, when I got the car only the top portion was attached. So I guess I'm looking for a complete metal fan shroud for a 73 Z and I'll cut it accordingly.  Otherwise, I guess I can get the fiberglass one from Motorsport and cut it in half to ease installation.  So, if anyone has a metal one for a 73 let me know.

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