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low oil pressure


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where would you start to troubleshoot? 

engine rebuilt professionally not long ago. Runs great. gauge seems to work, just very low. sending gauge and oil pump is new. Of course that doesnt mean anything today i know. 

I am thinking change oil and go with a slightly heavier oil. Castol 10-30. Then check. I have another gauge, so i may swap that out just to check. Other than that i am not sure outside buying another pump and sender unit. 

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all my gauge fittings wont fit in the engine block where the oil sender goes. it appears to be m10-1.0 fitting and none of the parts houses or Ace hardware carry them.

can someone confirm the proper fitting or maybe link what adapter is need to test?


btw, i put wire to oil sender to hot on battery....gauge went all way over, so i would think the gauge is okay. something else is the issue

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16 hours ago, Patcon said:

The oil pressure senders are notoriously inaccurate. I think thos are british standard; npt should work

I agree…..Most of the oil pressure gauges seem to read low, especially at idle. Unscrew the the oil filler cap on the valve cover when she’s running. You’ll make a mess if she’s got oil pressure.  🤪

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2 hours ago, SteveJ said:

You aren't giving us much in the way of details here. 

the male end wouldn't go into the block where the sender goes. It appears to be regular 1/8th on both ends. I ordered another one by a different company. Maybe i just got a faulty one

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