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  1. thats a lot of money.. how will this new upgraded flywheel and clutch affect the car? i assumed improved performance somehow or is it longer lifespan?
  2. will do. going to machine shop tomorrow will take the flywheel too. thanks
  3. decided to just rebuild my engine. have a machine shop guy i know who is helping me out for decent price. I took engine and tranny apart. I am wondering if i should buy a clutch kit. Nothing looks bad to me but i dont really know what to look for either.. any thoughts. is it worth 200bucks to do?
  4. Wally

    Bumper Set

    Thanks. this is the same place that sells on ebay, in Vietnam. So i dont think that is chrome, just very polished. If you look at images and video, the ebay ad has exact same images. Buying straight from them must be cheaper than ebay though. On ebay they cost $880. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-240Z-bumper-with-rubber-with-over-rider/274698161323
  5. I was reading this website below and wondered thoughts on "best" head. http://www.zhome.com/ZCMnL/tech/head.htm
  6. thanks. thats awesome. just bought my paint 2 days ago, but i think (fingers crossed) it will be a nice shade of orange.
  7. Wally

    Bumper Set

    I saw the ones at https://www.datsun-garage.com/products/front-and-rear-chrome-bumper-set-1970-72-240z they seem to not have the rubber or an option to add rubber. Also no overriders. I kinda like the look with rubber on bumpers though. Does anyone have preference over traditional real chrome plate vs. new polished stainless steel?
  8. yes, the kit on its way includes the gears, chain, tensioner, gasket, and guides. Not sure which gear it comes with. will post when i get it in. thanks
  9. Wally

    Bumper Set

    I am going to spring for a new set of bumpers on my 71 240. Anybody got a good place for new ones or completely refurbs? All i have found so far is a place in vietnam, on ebay, that sells an "identical" version in Stainless. Looks pretty good but is almost $900 for bumpers, rubbers and overriders.
  10. I see that now. thanks guys. New timing kit on the way. i think i can put that on no issues. However, i am not sure about timing.... does that need to be redone?
  11. here are a couple more images. Its all on, and engine would crank and run b/f i took it out. I can't see where the chain has moved any or how it even could. Does this show any better if a new chain is needed? Also, just looked in the "port" where i guess the water pump goes over...its rusted. Is this normal, should i put a brush in there and try to clean?
  12. thanks. yep gonna cut off the slinger and vice grip out the key. should the key be with round part on bottom and flat end completely level? b/c currently the one in is at a 45degree angle upward
  13. i have 2 styles of seals. both are supposed to be "right" but i think the all rubber one is the ideal one
  14. sorry for the delay in replying here. works been nuts. I got off the oil pan and timing cover. here is a good look at everything. Slinger is a little bent, so ordered a new one. The woodruff key is freakin in there super tight. I have a new key though. so i guess i will force it out some how. Any advice on what i should do after that? still not sure exactly where the new seal goes on
  15. beautiful. i want to steal your hubcaps
  16. Thanks. Cant quite make out the number ratio of the top line. can you see it on your end? Also, do you have a good image of your car you would mind sending so i can see what this looks like when applied? thanks
  17. Wally

    Hatch Emblems

    you guys are awesome. exactly what i was needing. thanks
  18. Wally

    Hatch Emblems

    not sure, possibly. i went and looked at the hatch a minute ago (its all at my painters). even looking from the inside i cant see or feel where the holes were originally. So, i will most likely need to re-drill them.
  19. Need a big favor. My hatch has had the holes for both hatch emblems filled in. Not sure why. Before i start painting it i need to know where the holes should be. Does anyone have a diagram with measurements or can someone take a photo of theres with measurements from right side of hatch and bottom of hatch so i will have a good est. of where to put holes? much appreciated. if matters is 1971 240z series 2 last what are small recessed things that hold in emblems. some kinda clips
  20. just came from painters. he had 2 places mix up 918. Dang the difference in the two one was very dark and one very light. I had a spray can of 918 i bought, from https://www.paintscratch.com/touch_up_paint/Nissan/1973-Nissan-240Z-Orange-918.html supposed to be as close to original 918 as possible. I sprayed it beside other 2 and it was pretty close, or better i would say. I am thinking 918 is an approximation instead of a science formula.
  21. thats a fine looking ride
  22. Car is ready for paint. Told guy 918 paint. The car was orange but not sure it was the 918, original paint. He sent an image of fender with original orange and the pint of 918 he bought. He said once clear coat goes on, it will be slightly darker. Does this look too dark for 918? it does to me
  23. i will take the timing cover back off and get some images and upload in a few days. thanks guys
  24. ok. was hoping this dang seal was pictured on there somewhere....i am still not 100% on exactly where it goes.. i assume b/t 16 & 12
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