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  1. yes. those are brand new pieces
  2. On the driver side i put some strong adhesive to try and get it to stay down to where it should be. It wont. it pops back up and you can see the line of black adhesive which makes it unattractive. On the passenger side i have not put any adhesive (for comparison). You can see its not going all the way down and can see the silver window roller ball. Thoughts on what to do?
  3. went ahead and took window chrome off to get better look. I took all locking stuff out and played with it to understand how it all works. I have passenger side all working. Driver side is 90%. Issue i saw causing all the issues was piece i circled. It will prevent something from operating if its up to high or too low. Getting it adjusted right is crucial...imo On driver side only thing not working as of now is using key to lock from outside. I am thinking its the door lock itself and needs a little adjustment. Between installing new window regulators, bushings etc. and th
  4. Not sure. i know my 71 is a series 2 if that matters. Also, those locks and mechanism are not orginal to the car. I bought news ones from either zstore or ZCD. Not sure if that makes a difference. i did put rod in though and it aligns fine with clip in place
  5. Awesome guys. thanks. will review images and Figs. I already see where one things goes from them. Just the lock knob now to work on.... Should the outside lock only move to the left and right 45 degrees each way?
  6. Need some advice on door locking mechanism. I have the interiors side of door handles operating fine. I also have the outside chrome handles in and working. What i cant seem to understand is 1. how i get the outside door lock attached.I have an image with the really white clip for the outside door lock. does one of the rods slide into this and the opposite side of the door handle? FOr some reason thats what i am thinking but if so not sure the right rod. 2. The inside door lock, stopper whatever its called is frozen. I know it works as it once was, its just not hooked up right.
  7. cant seem to find anyone else selling this? does anyone know another place? Zstore is out of stock and no clue when or if they will get any more.
  8. wait a minute. so that adapter plugs off the voltage connector and thus eliminates it? is that right?
  9. Thanks all. The voltage connector is connected with no problem. already had the connectors for it ready. I just looked with a flashlight and that side lug has a B, for battery i am guessing which mean i move the white&red wire over there. The original connector is too small for that bolt so will need to put bigger connector on. shouldnt be an issue i wouldnt think. Didnt see any other letters like E (ground) just gonna use the one i have it hooked up to in image. I have bought a lot from different places. ZCD has NO PHONE and is slow if they respond to email at
  10. OK. here is a link to alternator. https://zcardepot.com/products/alternator-high-amp-80-240z-260z-280z?_pos=1&_sid=5cde58cef&_ss=r&variant=19280584015985
  11. got the fusible link and and installed. Few more wiring questions 1) In image one, can someone confirm my hookups on alternator. These are the way it was on old one when i removed. However, new alternator has bolts on side for something but i dont see anything to connect. Is it just an extra i dont need? 2) My new horn hookups. I have two spade connector on bottom of each horn and one yellow wire coming from each horn. So i am assuming 3 wires go to each. Not sure what wire goes where though. Tried to take some images to show wires i have. In the middle image is a green and
  12. thanks. found a replacement on ebay...just needs holes punched https://www.ebay.com/itm/224553119269
  13. working on the windows. taking everything out. cleaning. replacing regulators etc. I got the rubber piece off the driver window pretty much intact. Would like to replace but havent found it. Anyone know where you can buy them or what this is actually called?
  14. dang. you just burst my bubble. Yeah.... i put some fluid in the resevoirs and turned that bleed valve on the brake MC and nothing came out. I am thinking it should? i understand why and how to bleed and the brake lines but I am not sure why you bleed the valve from the MC?
  15. threads were same. just moved things around... there was a tiny round ball that goes in first on side you are sealing off, then put set screw in and tighten. Finally something is an easy fix
  16. I be danged! So i am looking closer at my M.C. that came with the car. Image is on other side near fender wall. Looks like you can switch screws and bleed valves to opposite sides? Doesnt it? this would 100% fix my issue. Looking at images of other MC my doesnt look right. The fluid holding compartment, the rear is usually a straight tube. If i cant switch valves around i will buy a new MC and see.
  17. So i have owned (a long time ago) a 72 and 73 240z. I never had this kind of issue with them. I was thinking a motor mount issue could be the problem too but i cant see any issue.... Here are the left and right...not sure if you can tell anything from the images though? Maybe i should put my big floor jack underneath and lift up the engine and one at a time try to loosen and "reset" each mount?
  18. dude... you may have just save my a**. thanks
  19. Thanks. yeah, i tried it like that. i tried it every which way but loose....just a hairs width stops it. I dont want to have to remove the gaskets to make it fit. I shouldnt need to. I am thinking about trying to find a bleed valve that is shorter.....maybe that would work
  20. thanks. i dont see any link in the ad though? would you mind putting it here?
  21. thanks all!! for the last image i found another image showing where it is to go (starter). Just gotta find the female plug or jerry rig using a connector and electrical tape. BUt at least i know where its going.
  22. Managed to get the cover on and bolted up. I had to take out that one bleed valve to do it though. Something definitely wrong
  23. Bolt set came in. I have an image for reference of all of it. i have also in the image for comparison an original 240z rabbit ear type bolt. You can see they are almost identical except the new ones look better. Also i put in a datsun roadster cleaner bolt which i know some have used. While it does work you can see its a little longer so the new ones work better. On a side note..... i cant get my air filter and front cover on. There isn't enough room....it hits the bleeder valve i am pointing to on the brake cylinder...of course the new set has nothing to do with t

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    this connects to a wire from harness that goes to back of starter bolt for ground


  25. View Advert single, flat, female connector this connects to a wire from harness that goes to back of starter bolt for ground Advertiser Wally Date 08/25/2021 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1971 Model 240z  
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