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Carlisle PA 2022

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Thought I would share a few pix that Mike W sent me from the Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals this week.

Nissan has a special presence there this week with the new Z's release approaching & Mike and his gold cup 260z were invited as part of  a special display.    Looks like he joins the ranks of @jfa.series1 with special provenance for their cars ...  a very good club to be in!

Great shots of the old & the new..          Thanks Mike!!

carlisle 1.jpg

carlisle 2.jpg

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Any more pics?

I thought about trying to head up that way but the forecast didn’t look that great. Of course it ended up not raining at all where I am which is about an hour south of there.

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1 hour ago, S30Driver said:

I saw on the 6 o'clock news the the Captain & his buddy Gary were there on Saturday...

Oh dear, they made the news again?

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LOL!! Again?  Haha!!

Here's the (in)famous @Mike W and @GGRIII looking over GGR's first place winning 260Z. Yes... Gary's 260 beat out Mike's 260 for the first place spot. And nobody can convince me that it was as simple as the fact that Mike's beautiful Gold Cup Z was tucked safely parked inside one of the special display buildings (and most people didn't even know it was supposed to be considered for judging?).


Veni, vidi, vici 

Oh, and I did mention that Mike has a beautiful 260 as well, right?



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