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280 floor pans

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Nope. Just went through this myself. The late (77-78) 280Z passenger side is nowhere near flat, the seat mounts aren't either, neither is the frame rail. The pan that S30Driver shows above looks more correct to me. In my case the 280 I'm working on was only rusted forward of the seat mounts. The replacement I was supplied is the same as the one the OP posted. I cut the front portion off and still had to do a lot of shaping to make it fit the hole. It's a much heavier gauge metal than stock so not a lot of fun. The owner also bought bad dog rails which fit nicely over the stock rails - I just had to do a little fab for the frame rail under the replacement section. If I had that green piece of metal shown above, it would have been much easier...

If you need to replace the entire passenger floor, and you use what you have, you'll be fabbing seat mounts and frame rails. The passenger side frame rail isn't flat nor is it symmetrical - one side is longer (well, deeper) than the other. Seat mounts are shaped to fit the non-flat floor as well.

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First pic is my floorpan on the ground, hat channel on right is original. Tall with factory primer. Thin hat channel to left which would be next to the rocker. Both my car and the one in the picture have the tab welded across the channel. My car is original, before bad dog existed. I have seen so many variations.

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The tabs are factory . Those were used to tie the car down in transport. Your car is a late 77/78 model from what I can tell. The channel is deeper on the passenger side by design. They look like the rails are factory. Bad dogs rails don’t have the tabs. I cut mine off for the install.

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