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Hood Spring assembly


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OK not sure what the black spring thing is really called. Anyway, can someone help me understand where it bolts up exactly and how. If anyone has an image that would be appreciated.


I took lots of photos when i disassembled but i must have missed a couple like this one.




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12 minutes ago, SteveJ said:

That is called a hinge. I can take some photos later today.

Thanks! If in your photos you happen to show where the front bumper brackets go on the body or where the grill mounts up to the body i would not be upset at all.  LOL

thanks steve

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11 hours ago, SteveJ said:

Make it a 6 pack of Diet Dew. I don't drink alcohol like normal people.

man, i said that but i dont drink either. Havent had a drop in about 8 years. Had too much Wild Turkey when younger, now no urge for any of it


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video a big help. got bumper and mounts on. Got the hood hinge/bracket on. 

The grille is on. I have the top side bolts on and the bottom middle. However, for the bottom left and right, i am not seeing 

what you are seeing. Am i missing something?



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