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Another Z to see the roads again...

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I also decided to pull the guards for the seat belt pockets.  They weren't rusted, just beat up a bit.I haven't quite finished them yet.  Still polishing off weld-fills for the drilled out spot welds.  I will locate new holes for plug welding that are not at the edge of the parts as many of these spots were.








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Don't forget, it's been off the road and bone dry for about 24 years.  Can't even imagine if it had been a driver for all that time!

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I'm considering fabricating new seat supports. 

Mine are not damaged by rust, but between work done a long time ago (they were removed and welded back in), getting them out this time, and now having removed the driver side hump, getting them to look decent would be a bit tricky.

What's nice about them is they are lightweight and strong.  I can't form sheet metal to achieve that, so my design would have to be based on available shapes - tubes, angles, etc.  The real loads to worry about would be shearing forces on the welds and bending moments on the pedestals during rapid acceleration events.  I suppose during rapid deceleration the seat belts are doing the bulk of the work.  Other than that, they just have to keep me off the floor.  A rough idea of what I am thinking, attached.

If anyone has designs or pics of something they've done, it'd be great to see them. 

Seat Mount Bracket.bmp

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