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[2020] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?


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Did a tranny oil change.


I read a lot of posts about people with squeezy bottles and pumps etc to get the oil in but I just made one of these ...




And did this ....






Thought I’d share in case it’s helpful to anyone else.


Strangely with MT90 the ‘box feels less slick and smooth. I will likely try swepco 201 next on recommendation of a highly esteemed Z club member who is a Z God! The later ‘77 European box has the Porsche style steel synchros so GL5 is reportedly not going to be an issue. Will run it a few miles and evaluate later though, at least it gives the MT90 a chance to give the ‘box a good flushing!




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There's quite a bit on the forum about Swepco 201.  Also about Pennzoil Synchromesh, which is very popular.  Even Synchromesh Friction-Modified, which is apparently the latest best stuff.  Everybody that tries it loves it.  

JMortensen recommended Swepco 201 in the past, but he also said that they would cut it with ATF, because straight Swepco was a bit thick.

Here's an old thread, + 1, with his comments.  Search Swepco and/or synchromesh and you'll find a bunch more.  On hybridz.org also.

p.s. Your extended funnel looks familiar.  If you use 5/8" heater hose instead of the small clear tubing, things happen faster.  Especially on a cold day.


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Clever!! Great way to get the feed to that tranny!!  I've been using Amsoil gear oil in the tranny and rear end for a couple of decades; definitely made the transmission smoother shifting.

I spent the last two days replacing front and rear pads and rotors on my '83 280ZXT. While I was at it I packed the front wheel bearings (an easy thing to overlook) and did a brake fluid flush. Incidentally, replacing the pads on that, especially the rears, is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. You have to assemble the pads and clips and hold everything in place while rotating the brake pad retainer in place. If you have anti-chatter stuff on the shims, it's a bit messy and you have to watch that you don't get it on the rotors.  

This afternoon it should be about 40 degrees, and I'll take the ZX out to bed in the brakes. 

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4 hours ago, Diseazd said:

Wow......That’s a awesome sound tuned Z Moelk......doesn’t get any better than that! Don’t you just love the straight 6!


Can’t agree more with you Guy, you got to love them L6-series engines.

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34 minutes ago, AK260 said:


What exhaust system is that? Sounds glorious! emoji106.png


Thanks, sound is really awesome at higher rpms ; ).

It’s actually a 6-1 header from Msa and a

2 1/2” pipe to a Zstory jdm muffler.


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