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DIY Home Built Vapor Blasting/ Honing Cabinet , wetblasting


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2 hours ago, dutchzcarguy said:

OHH.. yes you can... if your garage gets to small... and you store carparts in your home..




You mean you're not supposed to store car parts in your home?????? :blush:

Don't tell my wife that! :P

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1 hour ago, Captain Obvious said:

Very nice. Those results are fantastic.

So how do the results differ from straight up bead blasting? In other words... Would the parts have looked much different if you were using s standard bead blasting cabinet?

bead vs vapour.jpg

original, bead, vapour


Vapour peens and cools at same time.

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I don’t think vapor affects the aluminum at all. I think it just picks the dirt out of crevices. It won’t pull off silicone or gaskets very easily. Doesn’t affect zinc. Doesn’t damage anything


Today I tried way less glass and had the same results. This valve cover was rough. Looks pretty awesome now. Trying to get the appearce to be uniform is time consuming. I just gave up. I plan on doing 3 covers. One wrinkle red, wrinkle black and this one and decide which I like the best. 


It it just barely big enough for this cover. The head will be tough to fit and get the ends done. Shouldn’t be that bad though. 




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I added this 120v solenoid for the air. So when i use my foot pedal it turns the air and the slurry pump on. Works so much better this way. I had great luck keep the slurry mixed by every 30 seconds or so pointing the jet to the bottom and mixing up the slurry mix. I could tell the slurry would be different for a bit. 


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Duffy has encouraged me to add some pics and results of the wet blaster I just made following his plans,  I wanted something a little bigger for larger objects but that can still be dismantled easily for set up and storage,  most importantly I wanted it cheap. I have about $425 into it so not too bad. The hopper is made from some 16ga stainless steel sheet, I manged to get the whole hopper out of a 24"x 48" piece, the frame is 3/4" angle iron and the cabinet is some 5/8th plywood I had on hand. 4 cans of Rocker Guard to seal the wood inside and out and the inside is also covered 1mm thick pond liner. 

The pump I picked up is and old water circulation pump for a large heating system, it might be completely wrong for the job but won't find out until my outside tap unfreezes. I'm hoping that if the pump is a really high pressure unit that I may not need to add an air line, we'll see, it's easy enough to add it later. The LED lamp is a water proof outdoor unit with 2,400 lumens, $36 for two lamps.













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