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  1. What crank pulley? Early 240z?
  2. Whee. That’s a great looking setup! I would guess the plug clears. But I should know this am.
  3. Bracket is done! I need to test a plug. But I think they will clear. Pretty darn happy with it.
  4. What do you mean? They have built in igniters. 3 wire. Ground, positive and trigger.
  5. R35 are the Nissan family. 2nd highest tested coil on the market (I’m not an expert) looks cool. Available new. All black and small.
  6. I haven't bought an ecu yet, but I think I will get the haltech Elite 750. I believe I am the first for doing wasted spark and R35 coils. I don't think I will do a cam sensor, but if I do, it wouldn't be too hard to change. The injectors and ignition would be paired by the ecu, so it can be changed to sequential anytime.
  7. The flywheel is an interesting idea. Already bought the hoke kit. Now to figure out how I should wire the R35 coils in a wasted spark setup. I think this basic idea would work fine.
  8. Yeah that is how I understood it as well. I will wait for haltechs response. I am a total newbie at all of this. Thank you for the detailed response. You can order the hoke in 36-1 or a 60-2. It's an option. I own both. Here it he 60
  9. https://hokeperformance.squarespace.com/l-series-crank-angle-sensor https://hokeperformance.squarespace.com/store/l-series-crank-angle-sensor-kit Haltech just said 60-2 is enough to run it all. I have an email in to them as well. Curious on it all
  10. I get a little confused on all the signals and such. But most crank sensors are 36-1 which tells the ecu it a lot of info but not enough to know if it's intake or exhaust. The 60-2 tells the ecu exactly what stroke its on. So that is all it needs. But again, I am a giant newbie on all of this. So?
  11. I just learned that my hoke 60-2 should be enough to get the ecu all the data it needs for the crank/ cam. Pretty neat!
  12. First test print to look at clearances. I think it will need to be angled more.
  13. Jenvy’s should match right up to my SK intake.
  14. The goal will be to add zero holes and make the whole project easily reversible.
  15. I am designing up a coil bracket like the Blake one but uses nissan RB coils. This uses 2006 350z coils heads (Hitachi IGC0003 Ignition Coil) and spring. Then a boot from a 2005 Chrysler 300. They fit perfect.
  16. Well I have decided on ITB for my build. Carbs sound cool, but the smell of gas in my garage is driving me nuts. My HVAC unit is right next to my car in my garage and the fumes seem to move into the whole house. I also think the mikuni 44s are a bit much for a stock 2.4L. I bought the jenvy 45s, injectors etc.. from Datsun Spirit. I will probably do a haltech elite 750 ecu. I got a hoke trigger kit for my stock 240z pulley and will do some sort of cam sensor from the dizzy spot. Goal is to look basically period but be EFI. I will re use my SK intake.
  17. Oh yeah, I was embarrassed to post them. One is so nice, the other got a little wonky.
  18. I got o2 bungs installed. So far so good. I am super rich at idle, but pretty close on higher rpms, I need to do a drive with them installed, but I have a bad noise coming from the suspension or rear end. I kind of have it narrowed down to either half shafts, driveline or something improperly installed in the rear end, everything else has been checked and re checked. This video is with the cars parking brake on. It's like a strange clunk/ click noise. I am hopeful it's something u joint, but it's such a strange noise I am scratching my head. Maybe something in the LSD? It also does it at low speeds and lots of gas pedal on and off in 1st gear and 2nd gear.
  19. So last night I could remove the rear wheel lug nuts with just the parking brake on and the rear end jacked up! Now that is something I never thought I was going to be able to do!
  20. They work amazing. Hands down the best mod I have done in a while. Modern/ race feel. I think my main issue with my 02 meter is the fact that is after the muffler. So I am getting some goofy readings. Bump the idle to say 1000 rpms and it's reading normal. So time to tune!
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