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"Thee" SU Float Level Tool

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53 minutes ago, SteveJ said:

Good article I've never read.  I just think the float's tab would ride so much better on a ball than the little pins the ones today use.

This is what I've imagined a visit to Captain Obvious would be like. :)

"It turned out to be a house in an old Stoneham neighborhood.  I went to the door and knocked.  A large man with a machinist apron on greeted me and invited me in to the manufacturing shop set up in the basement of his house.  He wanted to know what model of carburetor I needed a gross jet for.  Since I was there I picked up one for the Quadrajet on my mother’s Pontiac as well as the Holley on my VW.  He took the time to show me how his jigs were set up to manufacture the different Grose Jets.  For motorcycles he used glass for the larger ball to keep the mass down and deal with the vibration better.

He pulled two Grose Jets out of the drawers of his cabinets and sold me what I was looking for. 

I drove home enlightened to see what a Yankee inventor could produce out of the basement of his house and become famous for in an underground sort of way.

Look up D & G Valve on the Internet, you can still find it.  Amazing."

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