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Guess Who Got A Coupe??

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You snagged a nice one, and the color is perfect. I've always liked these cars, even half a world away.

It seems you don't care much for the blue interior. Some research may help you decide to keep it that color or not. If they are like the 240Z, the blue / blue combo is the rarest of the color combos for the 240Z, maybe so for the 240K as well. A well done 240Z in either 115 or 908 exterior and blue interior is a thing of beauty. (to me anyway) The Calsonic blue looks close to both of the other colors, same with the interior color.

The rareity factor could mean 2 things, hard to find and expensive if you do find them.

Good Luck and Congratulations,

Bonzi Lon

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No Way, Blue on Blue is sweet. Lay some white inlays inside and some white pin stripes on the wheels and you are there.

(Hot Wheels style)

I have never seen 200B tail lights on a K before. That's a new one and well time they should go.

Otherwise - Great Pick up.

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Now, thats a hot rod! ^^ LOL

KID-K, you can make it any color you want, it is your car. I wanted you to know I like it, and it 'could' be a rare color combo, as with the 240Z. As 240K&Beyond mentioned, white / off white is a nice combo also. That would soften the beautiful Calsonic Blue. :love:

You can see I am partial by my signature. :D

Bonzi Lon

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GTR interceptor :D

i found this picture a while back and the engine was not photo-shopped in, well at least not by me, i chopped the top to make it a convertible and i can't fine the original.


another picture of the original i think,


sorry for being off topic

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