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  1. It's looking good and come a very long way.
  2. Okay Thanks for the heads up. I have tried to resist the book of faces for many years. But if that is the way things are going, bugger !
  3. I would love to see an ad like that today! But the P.C. people of the world would have it killed in a flash. . Still it would be funny to watch a Hyuandai or Kia try to repeat the performance without self destructing ;-)
  4. Nice Work ! I was watching some of the UAE/Saudi panning videos and wondered why so many were lefthand drive. As I thought a lot came from Australia. Now I know why/how ;-) It looks like you are going to have a very clean car at the end of the process. PS - a VIN in the 800's is going to be 1972 or early 1973. I have 3 in the 1000's all from 1973. I though somewhere on this forum, many years ago we started a list or ran a comp to find the lowest VIN. I think you would win ! Bruce.
  5. And the story went cold . . . . Hi Brian & Kent. How are those V8 conversions going? . I know I have not been here for probably 3 to 5 years as having a new family did that. But has everyone migrated to another site or forum as there looks to have been not much action here. . Regards, Bruce.
  6. And here is a little more L Series punishment - Big Time !!!
  7. Thank is unfortunate. Did the seller put in writing that there was minimal rust? If so, could could try and either take him to court or at the very least place a letter of demand on him. Looking at the pictures, there is rust in terminal areas like the roof and engine bay. It would take a specialist to resurect it. Keep the auction on ebay - you never know. But be honest about it in the comments. Good Luck. (But still sorry to see it happen)
  8. WoW - Thats going to be a new car once you have finished. I'm green with envy. Inspiration:
  9. Guys, I'm not 100% on this but after stripping two of my R30 (~1983) Hatches over Christmas. I would swear that the power steering boxes I removed from them are the same as the Ford F150 guys are after. They also look like they would fit a 240K. When I get a change, i will test fit one to a K to see.
  10. I have a manual pedal box from a R30 Skyline you could try and fit. It's in Morisset and we are in Sydney. I could probably bring it down in two weeks. Has anyone tried to fit a R30 box into a 240k?
  11. I wonder if Hammad will ever sell his gold one for a profit. It must be costing him for all that advertising ;-). Well good luck with it. I must admit, I would like a 4 door to add to the collection, but not at these prices ;-(
  12. Boy that was a nice car. I would have loved it. I had exactly the same years ago in a two door form. Scarey - I probably could not afford it now ;-) Someone got a bargin, I bet.
  13. Hi Tj, Post some pic's when your done so we can see your work and the car again please.
  14. Ex-Squeeze-Me ! WTF ! I'm sure someone must have a rusty wreck that they can offer. That is, buy the tail lights for $2.5K and you get a free car !!! Is there any way we can sell our bits on their auction? If so, we should be able to retire in about a year !!!
  15. Well at least now the other guys will find it again. I will be keen to watch the auction. I would so like to send him a message that would be posted on the ebay page: *** "You just bought this a month ago on Ebay, why do you sell now? What is Wrong with the Car?" *** Maybe we should all ask him, but I bet he probably reads this forum too.
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