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  1. nice looking skyline , lovely color The first thing to do is changing the tail lights Best of luck
  2. Is the blue skyline (2door) for sale?
  3. will the 4 door skyline (GC110) coilovers fit 2 door skyline (KGC110)? I found a kit which fits the 4 door but the man not sure it would fit the 2 door.
  4. chick this out http://www.q8hp.com/jap_Skyline_GT_32.htm see LHD skylines http://www.q8hp.com/jap_Skyline_GT_R_Main.htm
  5. Thanks man but I could not find any website who sales king springs for 240k, If you could find a website please let me know. Is the 4 door springs the same as 2 door springs?
  6. Iam looking for lowering coil-overs for the kgc110 so for the front I can use the 280zx ones and how about the rear coil-overs ?
  7. I uploaded the pics in the my garage option
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