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  1. sorry didn't see the last picks. the tyre iron is like the one in the bag and I have the jack handle like that
  2. I am pretty sure I have that + a tyre iron/ wheel nut wrench but that could of been from another dato
  3. I have a 4 speed that is in a car going to my mate's house to be parted out..
  4. there is one in my 4 door when it goes to the crushers I can take it off I also can't give a date for that but shouldn't be too far away
  5. My aunt (the 1st owner) had 2 sets of 2 steal keys no rubber all 4 were genuine nissan keys.
  6. wow I'd be rich if those were realistic prices I paid pennys in comparison
  7. I have had good results using vise grips like tez240k
  8. ok but we have a bit of a back log so at the end of the month when the plane is going out I'll be able to have a crack at them
  9. cool well I'm snowed under at work but I have a crack at making some stainless ones if you want?
  10. are they easy to get out? they look easy to make
  11. I'd be saying take it or push it and ask for 3.5~3.7 only cos I'm cheaky but TBH cut your losses keep some chrome bits and rare bits (they can afford to remake them over there) and get a new one. unless your a mad fabricator or are rich as, this car is not worth it...
  12. Im stoked with the seat belts I have, I think it makes it more authentic 4 point is a bit of a modification to do unless you bolt it to the floor like the ricer boys and crush your spine in a crash....
  13. So from what I've been told there was a recall in 1975ish and the drivers seat belts were changed to auto retracting seat belts as opposed to the static length belts that came with the car. Now I have seen a few 240k's around and they all have had this recall action, apart from mine... Is there many people that are in the same boat as me and have static length seat belts??
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